What can I expect from panniculectomy recovery?

Did you have moments when you almost regretted having the panniculectomy surgery? I had a septoplasty when I was younger, and I swore I wouldn't do any surgery ever again. Now I'm "forced" to go though it again with this panniculectomy. I don't feel comfortable having this much belly fat and skin hanging over my genitals. I would love to speak to other people who have undergone this procedure. Was it tough to get back on your feet again? If you have any tips for me, please let me know. Thank you!


F, 42, New York

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I don't regret having this cosmetic surgery or my subsequent panniculectomy surgery, which I needed because of the sagging heavy skin on my abdomen. I also asked people about their experiences before I had my surgical procedure because I wanted to get a good understanding of what to expect and I was nervous about potential blood clots. I'm thrilled with my panniculectomy surgery results, and the procedure went smoothly.

My surgeon suggested some lifestyle changes that helped to make a difference in my body's ability to recover more quickly. You need to reach a stable weight before you can have this surgery completed, and you should ask your doctor for presurgical advice, such as exercises and a healthy diet to reduce your recovery time.

My recovery went smoothly. I was able to stay at the hospital for the first two nights after the surgery. Ask your doctor if this is an option for you because it turned out to be very helpful for me. I've read that most people stay overnight. Follow all of your surgeon's recommendations and aftercare instructions. You'll need to ask a friend assist you during the first week or two after the surgery. I didn't have anyone stay in my home overnight, but I did have a friend drop in for a few hours each day to make sure that I had help changing my bandages, bathing and things like that. My surgery has been such a life-changing experience for me. I regained the ability to exercise and get in shape, and I am healthier and happier.

It's important to have realistic expectations and asking other people about their experiences can help you to prepare emotionally and physically. I do not regret having a my panniculectomy procedure. In fact, I emphatically looked forward to reaching a stable weight, which is a pre-surgical requirement set by my doctor. After my gastric bypass surgery, I experienced severe sagging skin in my abdominal area, and I suffered from rashes and had difficulty bathing. My surgery went smoothly, and I'm very happy with my new body. As with any surgery, you will have to be patient with yourself during the recovery and follow all of the doctor's instruction before the surgery and during your recovery.

Ask your doctor about your ability to stay overnight at the hospital, and if that's not an option for you then ask a friend or family member to stay with you at home for the first 48 hours. Make sure you go grocery shopping before the surgery and buy all the aftercare products that you will need, that way you will have all that you need at home. A compression garment is provided by the doctor and wearing it was very helpful. It reduced the swelling and supported me while I was healing. Avoid heavy lifting and exercise for six weeks after the procedure, but also be sure to follow the doctor's instructions about walking and movement because that will increase your circulation and help you to heal. The surgery has dramatically improved my self-confidence and while it required devotion and recovery, so did my weight loss. I wish you the best of luck and courage as you consider this highly beneficial surgery.

I had panniculectomy surgery done about a year ago, and I feel as if everyone regrets surgery during the uncomfortable, healing process. I had the surgery done because there was no other way to resolve the belly fat and excess skin that hung over my privates. Not only was it hard for me to keep clean, it was also embarrassing for me during intimacy. I believe septoplasty surgery is much more uncomfortable because it's a surgery in your nose versus removing saggy excess skin and fat from your abdomen.

I stayed overnight at the hospital after the surgery and the nurses kept me very comfortable. I had moderate swelling and bruising which decreased gradually as was expected. If you follow all of your doctor's instructions and take the appropriate medication, you can alleviate serious pain and streamline the healing process. I experienced a full recovery within a few months. My doctor told me that complications are rare. Try to stay positive and think about how much better you will feel about yourself after the operation and the recovery.

I'm proud of myself for losing the weight and for having the operation, both of which required courage. The operation was one of the best things that I have ever done because it restored my freedom of movement and took away my embarrassment. Ask your surgeon about pre-surgical preparations that can help you during your healing process. My doctor encouraged me to exercise and prepare myself for the surgery because the improved circulation would encourage healing. I also quit smoking. I believe you can do it and that you shouldn't worry about regrets.

I had my panniculectomy surgery a few years ago, and I don’t remember the recovery being that bad at all. Before that I never had any plastic surgery, so I’m not sure what I would compare the recovery to. I have to say there was some pain at first, but it went away completely by the second week. My pannus fat was really bothering me for years, so I don’t think that the pain really affected me. I wanted to get it done over a tummy tuck because I had a thicker apron fat that caused scarring rashes along my pelvic region.

I would say the best part about this procedure was my doctor’s care... because I asked as many questions as I could beforehand, and he just has a really great bedside manner and cared enough to show me previous procedures and talk through how the fat and excess skin was handled. So many women I know have talked about getting a tummy tuck, but panni is definitely the way to improve the look of your tummy and get back to a flatter stomach. I work out and take care of myself now, but I would never have been motivated enough to do so before.

I was obese for many years, so I was grateful that I was able to lose weight. Unfortunately, the excess skin that hung over my lower abdomen contributed to some of my health issues, like back pain. I knew going into the procedure that the panniculectomy recovery period would be slightly uncomfortable, and it was. I spent the first couple of days after the procedure in the hospital. The bruising and swelling in the first couple of days were uncomfortable. However, you receive medication to help manage it. The pain does decrease in a couple of days, but I was swollen for about six weeks.

My stitches stayed in for a little over a week. They were taken out at my follow up appointment. The deep sutures stayed in for around three weeks. I avoided all strenuous activity for about three weeks. My scars looked really bad but eventually faded. It took a few months for me to see the full results of the surgery.

I totally feel your pain about being scarred by past surgery because the same thing happened to me when I chose to get a breast lift. I was horrified by the results and so angry that I swore I would never get a procedure again. You have to realize that one bad plastic surgeon's mistake shouldn't make you discredit all the other doctors out there. I would give this surgery a shot, especially since it sounds like something that is going to make you feel more confident. Dealing with sagging skin is a normal part of aging, and as common as it is, thanks to modern technology, we no longer have to suffer the consequences it can have on our self esteem. No one can "force" you to go through a procedure you don't want, but I think in your case it's more that you're fearful of having a bad experience.