Can the chest implants for pectus excavatum shift?

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I suffer from severe pectus excavatum (a deformity where the sternum grows with a caved-in appearance). I developed this condition when I was a kid, and I think that I've finally had enough, I want to get my chest fixed. Fortunately, my pectus excavatum doesn't seem to cause any medical problems, and I want to correct it for esthetic reasons, which are of major importance to me right now. If someone has had this procedure or has information about it, can you please let me know if the results look natural and, more importantly, if there's a risk that the chest implants could move?


M, 29, Maryland

I had pec implants to improve the appearance of pectus excavatum. My implant looks completely natural and my chest feels and looks great. The incisions are hidden in my underarm, and I didn't have any problem with the surgery or the healing process. The risk of implant dislocation is connected to excessive early activity, so it's crucial that you follow all of the surgeon's instructions about when to return to work, the gym, and other activities. I traveled from Poland to have the procedure done by an american plastic surgeon for the best results possible, so I wasn't able to go to my follow up appointment, but it's highly recommended that you go to these.

It's essential that you find a surgeon that is experienced in pec implants and ask to see before and after photos that show the results of other pectus-excavatum patients. Because of pectus excavatum, my chest was concave. So, my surgeon used a custom made implant to give me the lift and shape that I wanted higher up near my collarbone. I'm happy with my long term results, and I didn't have any complications at all, even without a proper follow up.

I have pec implants, which I had completed to improve pectus excavatum. There are risks with every plastic surgery, but the risk of pec implants shifting is typically connected to a failure to follow the aftercare instructions. I followed the aftercare instructions from my surgeon, and I achieved fantastic results and had a smooth recovery without any complications. I highly recommend the implant surgery. I can finally go to the beach or take off my shirt in front of others without feeling self-conscious. My chest looks natural and feels great.

I also have pectus excavatum, and I elected to have chest implant surgery last year. Even though this surgery is considered to be a minimally invasive procedure, you still run the risk of your implants becoming displaced. You can decrease the chance of your implants shifting out of place by following your doctor’s post-surgery instructions. After my surgery, my doctor was adamant that I wear a compression garment for roughly four weeks. The compression garment really helped keep the implant firmly in place while I was going about my daily activities. My doctor also advised me to avoid lifting heavy objects or doing upper body exercises at the gym for about eight weeks. I love working out and being active, so it was hard to resist the temptation. But I followed my doctor’s post-op protocol, and my chest implants are now permanently in place. My pectoral muscles look really natural, and I get a lot more attention from women. I just feel much more confident and attractive.

I don't know about pec implants with pectus excavatum specifically, but one of the most common complications for silicone implants is shifting. I would guess that with prior conditions like pectus excavatum, these complications would be more likely because of your chest wall deformity. I had pec implants about a year ago. I'm really pleased with the results and I've have had no side effects, but I did a lot of research to find my doctor. I followed all of her advice about after-care like not doing any strenuous activity during the full recovery period. Ultimately, if you find a good plastic surgeon who has some experience with patients with pectus excavatum, you will likely get good results with no complications. You might also want to look into getting a custom made implant since these would probably be less likely to move.