Can I get huge pec implants through surgery?

I want my chest to stick out further, and I've reached a point where I can't build any more muscle in my outer chest by just lifting weights. Do doctors agree to use huge pectoral implants if the patient requests it? I'd really like to have a massive chest!


M, 31, California

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There are a variety of sizes available, but I suppose it depends on what you mean by "huge." Keep in mind that larger implants, especially huge ones, are much more likely to have complications and other problems than smaller ones.

It isn't uncommon for plastic surgeons to refuse to perform surgery on certain patients who they don't "click" with. If you have unrealistic expectations and want drastic results, it will be much harder find a good board certified plastic surgeon to help you reach your cosmetic goals. There don't seem to be a lot of them but I have heard of plastic surgeons who specialize in procedures for bodybuilders like pec implants, bicep implants, and calf implants. Consulting with a plastic surgeon like this might be helpful for you to see if they have options for you and if pec implants would be a good idea for your body. Like I said though, these specialists are in short supply in the United States, so you may need to travel to meet one. They seem to be located in cosmetic surgery "hot spots" like Florida, New York, and California.

I worked out every day, but I couldn't get the pec size that I want. I would always feel self-conscious about taking my shirt off because I didn't have much of a chest. So, I decided to get pec implants. When I went in for a consultation, I told my doctor that I wanted really large implants. At my initial consultation, I was told that it would be best to get an implant that fits my body's size and shape. While I wanted large pecs, I didn't want to look fake.

The procedure is exactly what I expected it to be. I experienced a lot of discomfort for the first couple days. However, I got pain medication that helped a lot. Two weeks after the surgery, I was able to return to my regular activities. I really liked the way it turned out. I have the chest I was looking for and no longer feel self-conscious about my appearance.

I have seen several videos online of men who have gotten crazy huge Hulk-like pectoral implants, so I know that it can be done. During my plastic surgery consultation, my doctor informed me that I could choose the size and shape of my implants. He also said that he could custom-make my implants if I wanted an unconventional size or shape. My doctor wanted me to be happy with the results of my chest surgery, so he was willing to accommodate my requests. In my experience, the only reasons a doctor might object to using huge pectoral implants is if you have a medical condition, or the implants are too large to safely fit inside your body. The objective of most patients and doctors is to have the pectoral implants look like natural, hard-earned pectoral muscles. In my opinion, the men who have massive pectoral implants look unnaturally bulky and almost cartoonish. You should aim to have pectoral implants that suit your physique and look natural.

I had no problem getting larger pec implants. I think my chest looks a lot more defined and its definitely larger than I was able to get it through normal exercise with my personal trainer. I chose the oval shaped implants because they seemed to give me the definition I wanted. The doctor will work with you to find the best option that suits your needs. There are several sizes and shapes to choose from. It is mostly your decision, but it does matter how much room you have for the implants. When you visit the doctor, you will be measured and examined. He will then go over everything you want to determine the best implant to use. They can even customize the implants to give you exactly the shape you want. Trust me, they want to make you happy. You can get as large of implants as your body can sustain, but realize, you do not want them so big that they start looking like female breast implants or distorted.

If you are looking for dramatic results, pec implant surgery is the way to go. I had pectoral implants put in a year ago. My plastic surgeon showed me before and after photos of other men who had different sizes and types of implants, and my feedback helped him to decide the best pectoral implants for me. I had vertical-rectangular implants placed under my pecs to add further definition and bulk to my chest, and I had liposuction done to enhance my six pack and emphasize my chest even more. My chest muscles are huge now!

Be sure to choose an experienced pectoral implant plastic surgeon. My surgeon was experienced and made the surgical procedure as comfortable as possible. Your plastic surgeon will need to perform a complete physical exam, measure the size and shape of your chest wall and take photos of your chest to determine the size and shape of your implants. I had high-grade, silicone implants placed under my pec muscles, and my chest looks and feels completely natural. If you have any male breast tissue or stomach fat, you can also have liposuction done at the time to sculpt the area entirely. My chest wall is even better than I had imagined it could be, and I've finally reached my chest dimension goals.

Pec implants are placed behind the muscle to emphasize and enlarge the male torso. I am a weightlifter and a low level bodybuilder, and I have pec implants. If you've hit a cap or limitation in your results, then implants are a safe and effective way to achieve the best appearance fast. It's important to get an experienced plastic surgeon who can provide you with a well-executed implant procedure. During your consultation, the surgeon will discuss your medical history and perform a physical exam. Pre-shaped implants may offer you the huge chest that you want, but customized implants are also available to give you a more-specific shape or size.

Achieving a natural look and feel is really important, so be sure to review the surgeon's previous work and asked for some references. Before and after photos will help you to point out the look that you want to achieve. I showed a bodybuilder website to my surgeon with the look that I wanted. My surgeon explained to me the results that he believed I could reach and gave me a surgical plan. Make sure you ask the surgeon if he will only make incisions in your armpit, which is the norm.

My biggest concern was that the pectoral implants would shift or change position. It's really important that you follow all of the post-op instructions and avoid manual labor or heavy lifting because that's how complications happen. If you're looking to increase the size and projection of your chest, I recommend pec implants. You can also request liposuction with the procedure to contour your chest, reduce chest rolls or remove fat that you haven't been able to get rid of through diet and exercise alone.