Is it worth it to get pectoral implants?

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No matter how much I work out, my pecs don't seem to get bigger and I've always wanted that bulky chest. Is it worth it to get pec implants? I'm a 28 y/o male.

Can anyone help shed some light?


M, 30, New York

Girls don't want a guy with pec implants ;)

Yea, I didn't think so. Except for breast implants, body implants tend to look strange imo. I guess to each his/her own but I'm not a fan of them. 

If the surgeon does a great job of shaping the implants, you may not even know the guy had his pecs done!

I agree. A friend of mine had it done with a great surgeon and you cant tell. I'm still not convinced he had the surgery! Haha!

haha thanks mommymom! hopefully if i do get them done those girls wont even notice!

I'm not in the best shape but I was at one point, and I think you should just stick with working out.  I remember watching a True Life where a guy got calf implants and it was pretty stupid.  Try doing 100 pushups each morning.

I've seen that episode and its ridiculous! Continue to work out, dude!