How long do porcelain veneers last?

Veneers to me seem like an investment. They are quite expensive so I wanted to know how long I should expect to be able to have them in before having to get them replaced. If it is only a couple years I don't think they are worth it.


M, 32, New Jersey

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I've never really liked my smile. While I wanted to get veneers, I hesitated to do so because I really was concerned about how long veneers last. The cosmetic dentistry procedure is an investment, and I didn't want to have to have my veneers redone every year. My dentist explained that veneers last around 10 years with proper care. She did say that the life of a veneer does depend on how they are treated. If the veneers become damaged, then they will not last as long. Damaged veneers may require a full or partial replacement. I have had my veneers for 2 years and they still look great.

The antibiotics that I took as a child left my teeth with a permanent, yellow discoloration. This type of discoloration can't be fixed simply with tooth whitening and good oral hygiene. My dentist told me that porcelain veneers would be the best viable option to acquire white teeth. Because of the cost, I had to ask about how long veneers last. I didn't want to spend money on a temporary fix. I was told that these veneers could last at least 15 years before I would need to replace them. While my veneers would be durable, they aren't indestructible. I have to take care of them, by avoiding using my teeth as tools and reducing the amount of coffee and tea I drink. So far, I've had my dental veneers for five years and they look great.

Veneers are definitely a big investment, and I was initially reluctant to get such an expensive procedure. However, when my dentist informed me that my veneers can last approximately 15 to 20 years with proper oral care and dental health, I was convinced that veneers were a great option for me. Veneers are made of very durable porcelain, but you still have to avoid certain hard foods and habits if you want your veneers to last a long time. My dentist told me to avoid eating hard candies, chewing on chicken bones or crunching on ice, as these things can damage your veneers. Also, like your natural teeth, proper daily brushing and regular dental visits are imperative when you have veneers. I am so happy that I got veneers. Yes, it was really expensive, but my veneers have greatly improved my self-esteem and appearance. I used to have yellow teeth, and now that I have veneers, I am no longer self-conscious about my teeth and have a beautiful smile.

Mine are supposed to last for 10 years. I'm hoping that, by the time I need new ones, the technology will have advanced to the point where porcelain veneers actually last longer. You should also know that you have to maintain your porcelain veneers over time. If you get into a car accident or something, you could end up damaging your veneers and needing a few replacements. This happened to me, but it was a quick fix and the broken veneer didn’t cause any pain, so that was a relief. But you should factor potential damages and future replacements into your veneer budget. You definitely don't want to unexpectedly break one and not have the resources on hand to get it fixed.