Whats the difference between lumineers vs. veneers?

I think that lumineer is just a specialized type of veneer but not exactly sure. Can someone explain what the difference between just a regular dental veneer and a lumineer are? Is there a price difference?


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I had a biking accident that caused a couple of small chips in my teeth. The chips were small but noticeable. I heard about Lumineers and veneers but I didn't know what the difference. Apparently, they both help to rejuvenate my natural smile. However, Lumineers is a specific brand that has some advantages over other types of veneers. I decided to go with Lumineers because I didn't have to have any of my tooth enamel drilled. Standard veneers require removal of the tooth's enamel and injections. Because I could restore my smile without affecting my natural tooth, I decided to choose Lumineers. I have a great smile that is just as durable as other types of traditional veneers.

At my install consultation, my cosmetic dentist and I discussed the various options for dental veneers. Lumineers was one of the choices. I didn't understand the difference between veneers and Lumineers. I honestly thought they were the same things. As it turns out, Lumineers is a brand of veneers. I was told that Lumineers are different from regular veneers in that they don't require injections or drilling. The veneer is simply placed over the tooth. I chose this method because it didn't involve removing any enamel from my teeth. Like regular veneers, Lumineers can also last over a decade, maybe two. I love my beautiful smile, and it still looks great after having Lumineers for two years.

I had that same confusion until I visited my orthodontist, who recommended a treatment option of both Veneers and Lumineeers for my teeth. Both are thin, but Lumineers are much thinner. I got Lumineers to fix a chip in my top right cuspid and a white calcification stain on my bottom right cuspid.

I also have Veneers on all of my central and lateral teeth because of more noticeable issues like misalignment and misshaping. Veneers require a few prep procedures like reshaping and shaving down the enamel before they're added but they have given me a natural looking smile.

Lumineers are more expensive in my area. Although I spent less on Lumineers, it was still steep ($750) to just fix a chip and a discoloration. As with Veneers, I had a total of 4 teeth done for $1000. Both procedures were quite simple, and the results are amazing. My self-confidence has skyrocketed.

When I decided to get cosmetic dentistry to fix my heavily stained and crooked teeth, I had to decide whether I wanted lumineers or veneers, but I had no idea what the difference was. My dentist explained to me that lumineers and veneers are similar in that they both give you natural-looking, straight white teeth, and they are both expensive procedures and cost between $800-$2,000 per tooth. They are also both made of porcelain, are very durable and can last from 15-20 years with proper care. The difference between the two procedures is that unlike veneers that require removal of your enamel, lumineers require minimal prep work and do not change the original tooth structure; the thin porcelain lumineers are simply applied to the original teeth. My husband has lumineers, and I have veneers; We couldn’t be more pleased with our choices. Luckily, both procedures provide the same fantastic results. The only difference is in the prep work and whether you want to keep your original teeth intact or not.

Lumineers are a brand name for a type of prep-less veneer. They are installed in just one visit, and they don't only leave you with straight teeth but are a teeth whitening miracle. If you want the best results, though, I highly recommend going full-on with porcelain veneers. Your dentist will have to do some tooth preparation so the original tooth can fit under the veneers, which means two separate appointments. However, the results are really much better than what you get with prep-less veneers like Lumineers. My cosmetic dentist did a really good job of explaining this to me. When you go in for your consultation, I recommend bringing in a list of questions to see if you are a good candidate for the procedure.