Which is better: braces vs. veneers?

I have rather crooked teeth and I am deciding what I am going to do about it. It seems like the quick solution would be veneers and I will end up with a beautiful smile, however it seems bad for my oral hygiene not to take the long route and just get braces. Anyone have this dilemma?


M, 21, Virginia

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My teeth were crooked, so I decided to look into getting braces and veneers. I spoke with my dentists who said my best solution was braces. While veneers would be great for my improving my smile, I needed to improve my bite and straighten my teeth. I would have to get veneers after my orthodontic work. Veneers can correct mild imperfections, but I require more than that. Veneers are not really ideal for orthodontic treatment. I still got dental veneers. I just got them when my orthodontic work was completed. What I like about having veneers is the fact that the process was completed within a few office visits. I had my clear plastic braces for two years. Whether braces or veneers is the way to go really depends on your situation. Some people may be better off with veneers.

I have veneers and they have not prevented me from maintaining good oral hygiene. Just like normal teeth, veneers should be flossed and brushed regularly to prevent dental problems and bad breath, and regular dental cleanings are a must. I chose to get veneers instead of braces because I wanted my misaligned teeth to be straight in a matter of days instead of years. My teeth were also pretty stained due to my coffee habit, so the idea of instant pearly white teeth really appealed to me too. I believe you would be pleased with your results if you decide to get veneers. Unlike braces, veneers won’t actually straighten your tooth structure, but they will certainly give the appearance that your natural teeth have been straightened and whitened.

I don’t think getting porcelain veneers is bad for your oral health. My porcelain veneers are really easy to take care of. But, if your teeth need to be reshaped to fit under the veneers, you should know that this cosmetic dentistry process is irreversible. You’ll have to maintain and, in about 10 years, replace your veneers, so you should keep that in mind when you’re planning your budget. Your cosmetic dentist can help you decide between veneers and braces. I think, since traditional braces can take years to work and are more socially acceptable for teenagers, many adults end up getting veneers to brighten their smile. Braces can also cause a lot of pain, because they're physically moving your teeth in your mouth. Getting porcelain veneers is certainly a quick fix, but you do have to decide whether you want to deal with the upkeep.

I wasn't a fan of how my crooked teeth looked, but I couldn't decide whether I wanted to get veneers or braces. When I went to the dentist, we discussed my treatment options. While I do have some minor teeth positioning issues, my teeth aren't in such bad shape that braces would be the only solution. I also wanted to correct the shape and color of my teeth. The decision really depends on an individual's dental condition. I got veneers because I liked the idea of going into my dentist's office and within two visits having a better smile. With braces, I would have to have them for around two years. Also, as an adult, I didn't want to walk around with braces. However, if you do opt for braces I would go with clear braces like Invisalign.