Are profractional laser results as good as they say?

Were you happy with the results of your profractional laser treatment? This procedure isn't cheap and I want to make sure that I'm not wasting my money. I wanna look younger and have softer skin on my face.


F, 50, Massachusetts

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I’m delighted with my profractional laser resurfacing. My skin was getting discolored, and I had fine lines and wrinkles. The laser resurfacing removed the old dead layers of my skin and stimulated new collagen production. Over the next few months, my skin was brighter, firmer and younger looking. I’m happy with the results, and my doctor prepared me for what to expect. The treatment can be adjusted from mild to intense depending on your needs.

There are aftercare instructions that you will need to follow to achieve the maximum results and to maintain them. For example, after the treatment, you will need to avoid using makeup until approved and avoid the sun. It’s like having fresh skin and a fresh start, so imagine how sensitive your skin would be to the sun. People are always commenting on how beautiful my skin looks and I am so thankful that I found this treatment and plastic surgeon.

I was very happy with my results after I was finished and healed. My untreated skin had some deep scars. It took me 4 treatments total. But, I do want to warn you, that I freaked out when I saw myself after the first procedure. They warn you that it will look bad, but I still didn't expect it. My face was so red and swollen, that I thought they took off all my skin. I felt like one of those scary movie characters with no face. It was scary for me and it does take several days before you feel like less of a monster.

After a few weeks, I really started seeing the improvement. Like I said, I had really deep scars from acne as a teen. So, I did have to return for a couple of extra treatments. But now, I am so happy with the results. The scars are all gone. You have to get right up on my face to see any remnants of the last bit of scarring. With makeup, no one can tell, even up close. I think it is very worth the procedure, but be prepared for the first few days. Also, I have seen others who have had problems, so really go over the entire procedure with your doctor, including the post care. This will help ensure you are comfortable and have a good experience. Hope it works out for you as well as it did for me. 

Personally, my results came out better than I expected. I was a bit nervous at first because of the whole increased risk of sun damage during the healing process (It's really hard to avoid the sun in Florida but it was worth it). I did a bit of research online before discussing it with a doctor. After checking out a few before and after pictures to get a general sense of what I could expect, I was all in. I love the fact that I can now wake up and go out into the world with no makeup and still have smooth skin. It was definitely a great investment for me.

I was skeptical about having profractional treatments. I'd tried a lot of treatments, and none of them seemed to work. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on treatments to only be disappointed again. I did a lot of research, and the reviews for profractional laser treatments seemed to be good. I scheduled a consultation with my dermatologist to find out if I was a good candidate for the treatment. My dermatologist told me that I was a candidate for the procedure. She didn't sell me on the fact that my skin would be completely different. She did tell me that I would see a noticeable change. I have to say, I did. After my first treatment session, there was a tremendous improvement in my acne scars. I had a total of three sessions.

I didn't see an immediate difference due to the redness and slight swelling that occurs after the treatment. It was on day three that I started to notice the changes in my skin. I would say that the treatment was worth it. However, it's important to follow the post treatment skincare instructions. Doing this will help you see better results.

My personal experience with the profractional laser has been beyond amazing. I suffer from really bad old acne scarring from my teenage years and laser treatment cleared it right up. I looked at the procedure as an investment because I spent so much money on creams, cleansers, multi-step treatments, organic ingredients to make masks, and nothing seemed to work. I got tired of piling on makeup to cover my acne scars. I felt the same way you did after my first consultation but you will be amazed at how you feel afterward. After the redness went away and I was able to really see the results, I wished that I had known about laser treatment earlier.