Can profractional laser erase deep acne scars entirely?

I know that I'm asking for a lot, but is it possible to get smooth, scars free skin after a few profractional laser sessions? If not, what are the best treatment options to remove old rolling acne scars? Please share your experience and tips on what worked and what didn't.


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If your scarring is deep, you may need up to ten laser treatments. My doctor said that it usually only takes 3 or 4, but I ended up having 6 treatments to help with my acne scars. I do have a couple of really deep ice pick scars that did not completely go away from the procedure, but do look a whole lot better. I may end up getting filler for those. But, I do want to warn you, although the procedure is more uncomfortable than anything else, shortly after the procedure, your face will throb for a few hours. Ibuprofen helped me a lot. You may also be a bit concerned about how your face looks for the first few days, but it does clear up. I was very happy with my profractional therapy results. Good luck.

I had a significant issue with acne during my teenage years. Unfortunately, my acne problems left me with a lot of scarring. I spent a lot of money on drug store treatments to get rid of my scars and makeup to try to cover them up. No matter what I did, there was nothing that would truly get rid of the scars. When I was 25 I decided that I wanted to do something about my acne scars. I didn't want to go through the remainder of my adult life feeling self-conscious about childhood acne. So, I schedule an appointment with a dermatologist for acne scar removal.

I went to my dermatologist, the same one that helped me with my acne treatment. He suggested ProFractional laser treatment. While my dermatologist did say that I would see a considerable difference in my scaring, some of my scars would not completely go away. The minor scars would more than likely go away. However, my deep scars might not. But, my dermatologist did say that I would see a 50% reduction in the appearance of my scars. I needed four treatment sessions. I have to say that I like my laser therapy results. My minor scarring is gone and my deeper scars are hard to see.

It has been over a year since I received my profractional treatments and I'm still in love with the results. Every experience is different, but my experience was great. The key to getting the results that you want with the scarring is to really create a plan with your doctor to determine how many sessions you may need. I had really bad hyperpigmentation, deep scarring, and I wanted to address my combination skin. The profractional laser treatment was one of the first options my dermatologist suggested. What I loved about this treatment was the fact that I can address all of these issues with one type of laser. You are going to experience some redness, your skin may be a little tight for a few days, and you will have to stay out of the sun. You will wish you did this earlier after you get it. I wish I knew about this treatment so much earlier because I spent so much money on fading creams that never worked!

I have battled with acne issues for years and the best decision I have ever made was to get laser treatment. My dermatologist used a combination of steroid creams and the profractional laser. After only three sessions my skin with completely clear! There are other laser treatments available based on the hyperpigmentation of your scarring, the depth of the acne scars and if you have oily skin. My doctor originally suggested that I received the core laser treatment but later decided to do their profractional after we worked out a specialized regimen for me. I am going to give you a bit of fear warning, you will need to stay out of the sun after you get this treatment. I thought maybe I could ignore that rule but my doctor advised me that even if you put on sunscreen you can still cause permanent damage to your skin. The recovery time was slow and the results are exceptional!

I suffered from acne as a teenager and in my young adult years. While I have gotten my acne under control, I hate the fact that my face has a lot of scars from acne. I spent years trying over-the-counter creams to no avail. I finally decided to consult a dermatologist about the scarring. My dermatologist suggested profractional lasers. Some of my scarring was shallow and others were more severe.

My doctor did say that it would take more than one treatment session. The average person has 2-3 treatment sessions. However, I needed six. My shallow scars cleared up quickly, but the other type of scarring took more effort. My treatments sessions were aggressive which made the healing process slightly more difficult. The average treatment session recovery time was about 4 days but mine was more like 5. I have to say that I was impressed with my treatments. My skin is a lot smoother and blemish free. Of course, my outcome may not be the same for everyone.

I saw a plastic surgeon to get some ideas on how to treat my acne scars. Some of my injuries were deeper than others. My doctor recommended a profractional laser treatment because it offered significant results with minimal downtime or side effects. The procedure stimulated my natural collagen production and my skin has never looked better.

The treatment can be adjusted from a lighter to a more aggressive treatment. My doctor provided a combination to treat my issues. Some results were immediate, but my skin continued to improve over several months. After about six months, I had the full effect: firmer, tighter skin and a significant improvement to previously pitted areas on my face near my cheeks and nose. My doctor said that I could have another treatment completed on severely pitted areas if needed, but I’m satisfied with the results from the one treatment. My skin is smooth and blemish-free now, and those areas have significantly improved.