Can wrinkles be erased with Profractional Erbium Laser?

I read that Erbium ablative laser is better than CO2 for wrinkle reduction. I just want to correct fine surface lines and wrinkles on my face and neck. I already know that lasers won't do anything for deeper wrinkles. Would you recommend this type of laser?


F, 55, Maryland

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I would more than recommend it, I swear by it! My personal experience with laser treatment was phenomenal since I suffered from light crow's feet and really deep acne scars all over my cheeks. I love that my dermatologist was so very direct and wanted to make sure that I got the results that I was looking for. She went over three other laser resurfacing options but told me that if I really wanted clear skin I would need to undergo profractional laser treatment. It made my face so smooth, fixed my combination skin, and gave me a nice even skin tone. Once you get laser treatment, you'll will never look back.

When I turned 52, I figured that I'd give myself a birthday present. I decided that I would treat myself to an appointment that would remove the fine lines and wrinkles from my face. I've never really believed in plastic surgery, but I read several articles about Erbium laser treatments and how they could remove the wrinkles from my face. I scheduled a consultation and was convinced that this treatment would do wonders for my face. My doctor explained that the laser therapy would shrink and tighten my skin.

What I liked about the treatment is the fact that it was noninvasive and I was home the same day. The noninvasive nature of the treatment was particularly appealing to me. It did take a few days for my face to heal but the pain was not overwhelming. I am thrilled with my results. My face looks younger and refreshed. The treated area is now my best feature. I may combine this procedure with another one to look even better, I was looking into treatments that help to make new collagen.

Profractional laser gave me the results I wanted. I had some fine lines and deep wrinkles that I wanted to deal with. My doctor explained to me that the best part about the laser treatment was its adaptability to meet the needs of different areas on my face and neck. I had tried fillers in the past but I wanted to get rid of the lines not just bury them. The laser treatment gave me great results without the need for surgery.

It may take one to three treatments to get the results that you want. Small regions can be treated, not just your whole face. So, my deep wrinkles required two treatments, while I only had one procedure done on my full face and neck. After the process, the dead and damaged outer layers peeled off to reveal younger, fresh and healthy skin. I recommend profractional erbium laser to anyone who asks me how I look so young. I'm also happy that I started the treatment before the lines got deeper because instead of people asking me why I suddenly look younger, they are only asking me how I look so good. I recommend that you see a plastic surgeon for a consultation rather than putting it off another year or two.

The short and long answer is yes! I'm not proud to admit this, but I literally jumped for joy when I saw the results! I had the treatment for acne scars and I never knew I could have such smooth skin. The treatment itself made me realize just how little skin care I was doing. When you are lying on the table getting a consultation and asking how many treatments you will need while looking at past patient pictures, it all seems overwhelming. I thought I would have to get a stronger laser treatment but this really did the trick. I had a total of three treatments and I really wish I found this option so much sooner. The main suggestion I would have for you is choose a time of year where staying out of the sun for 6 days following the procedure will be easy. To avoid sun damage, I got my treatment done during the winter and just stayed inside for a few days. Sun damage can cause your wrinkles to come back with a vengeance, give you dark marks and mess with your skin's healing process.