Does profractional laser work for stretch marks on tummies?

I've read good reviews about this laser treatment, and I'd like to know if it works on other parts of the body. At 31, I gave birth to twin boys and ballooned during the pregnancy. It was impossible to prevent stretch marks, which of course showed up below my belly button, and I've been unable to get rid of them. Surgery is too extreme for me, but I would definitely try lasers if they can give good results. Am I in luck?


F, 32, New York

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Now, I didn't have twins, but I can sympathize. After I gave birth to my daughter, it looked like Freddy Kruger attacked my belly. Gone were my days of bathing suits, or so I thought. I did get the profractional laser for my stretch marks and it changed my entire view of cosmetic procedures. It really does erase stretch marks! It helped so much that I am wearing that bathing suit this summer. Now, I have never had it on my face because I didn't have any acne scars or anything like that, so I don't know how bad it hurts, but if I did have acne scar issues, I'd totally try laser treatment.

I was surprised by how little it hurt compared to what I heard and expected. I did have to go back and get the pulsed-dye laser treatment to get rid of the redness of my stretch marks. I am so very happy with the results and will definitely be at poolside this summer.

I love my kids. If I had any complaints about having them, it would be the stretch marks that are still on my stomach. My stretch marks made me self-conscious and affected the type of clothing I could wear. I tried creams and cocoa butter, but they only left me feeling moisturized. I didn't really want to go in for invasive plastic surgery, so I wasn't sure what to do. I read that laser stretch mark removal would help to reduce the visibility of my stretch marks. So, I scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist to see if it treatment would work for me.

My doctor said that laser treatments would help to restore the structure of my skin, lessening the appearance of my stretch marks. He was also honest and said that my stretch marks may not completely go away. I decided on the treatment because my doctor came highly-recommended by a friend and he had a lot of experience treating stretch marks with lasers. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of my procedure. My stretch marks were significantly lighter and practically nonexistent.

I had a weight gain issue due to stress eating for many years. After dealing with that and getting the weight off, I had a lot of stretch marks that I was dissatisfied with. My plastic surgeon gave me a few options during my consultation. I initially asked about a lower tummy tuck to treat stretch marks below the belly button, but my surgeon recommended profractional laser treatments to reduce the appearance of my stretch marks. I was happy with the before and after photos that he showed me of his patients who had the laser treatment.

My doctor told me that profractional laser was the best treatment option for me and gave me skin care products to use in preparation for the treatment. I can now wear my swimsuit without exposing noticeable stretch marks. Everyone's skin is a little bit different, so you should see a doctor for a consultation to determine the best option for you. Your doctor can recommend between one to three laser treatments to help you get the results that you want. I'm thrilled with my results!

Stretch marks have always been an issue with me because my weight fluctuates. After giving birth to my kids, I thought it was time for me to address the issue because all the other options didn't work. I've tried moisture stretch mark treatments, a little roll pin that had massagers, and a few other alternatives before I finally decided to get fractional laser treatment. I got treatment on my stomach, love handles, and lower back. I had three sessions in total and there is a very dramatic improvement in those areas. My stretch marks used to look like someone drew on me with a crayon 8 times lighter than my skin tone, now it is all smooth. I could get better results if I did another treatment but I love what I have so far so I am going to leave it as it is. But I do love the fact that this is such a non-invasive treatment, so it still leaves that window open in case I do decide to get one more session.

I have had two fantastic little angels leave a road map of stretch marks all over my stomach and let me tell you, profractional laser is the miracle you never knew that you needed. I looked at a few other laser treatment options for stretch mark removal, but the before and after pictures for laser treatments that I saw online had me sold. When I had a chance to go to a dermatologist, who is certified by the board of plastic surgeons, I had a chance to really go over personalized options based on what I wanted. What I really liked about this treatment was the quick recovery time. You are going to experience some small side effects like redness and some light pain but it is more than worth it. Another thing about laser work that I love is that you are able to get multiple treatments if you need to in order to get to the point where you're happy.