Best topical cream to remove wrinkles

Every product under the sun tells me that it is going to remove or "reduce" wrinkles.  Anyone have any recommendations for a product that actually does what it promises???


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SkinMedica's TNS Essential Serum is excellent. It has growth factors at the highest level (over 90%) that will retrain the lower levels of your skin to regenerate collagen. There's also a lot to be said about using sunscreen everyday. It not only protects against harmful UV-A radiation, but also UV-B rays, which causes photo damage and aging. Find a good sunscreen that is SPF30+ and make sure you apply it everyday, even if you're just walking down the street and back to your house! 

Thanks RedRose! I'm considering Botox but am always interested in my topical options.

Neocutis is also great. From my understanding, it has growth hormone proteins which were obtained from aborted fetal tissue (crazy, right!?!). Supposedly these growth hormones help with anti-aging. My results aren't very noticeable but I think this lotion helps reduce wrinkles. 

The best way to prevent aging is exercise, sunscreen and genetics. Oh, and don't smoke! You can always tell if someone smoked or sunbathed frequently, because they look much more wrinkled than they should for their age. 

Having said that, retin-a and products with growth hormones in them are supposed to be the best for anti-aging. 



I vouch for Retin-A. It's done wonders for me. Depending on the concentration of the cream, it might cause a bit of redness at first. Start with small quantities, and only use it at night.

Interesting.  Thanks!