Can Retin-A be used for blackheads on my nose?

I took Accutane as a 20 year old and my skin has been pretty great. My only complaint is that I do have a lot of blackheads in my nose. I do try and squeeze them out at night, but I was wondering if Retin-A could prevent new blackheads from forming on my nose?


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I have read a lot about using Retin-A to clear up blackheads. I have included Retin-A in my daily skin routine for a few months and I have noticed that their occurrence has gotten much less frequent. It isn't a magical blackhead clearer that delivers overnight results, but over time it has really helped decrease blackheads on and around my nose especially. I researched why it is effective and found out that it encourages healthy, clean skin. Blackheads are caused by a buildup of dirt and grime that infects a pore. If the dirt and grime isn't there, blackheads won't be either.

My skin is pretty clear most of the time, but I am also prone to getting blackheads around my nose once in a while. I really pick at my face when they pop up, so when my sister recommended using a topical Retin-A micro after having great results herself, I was really excited to try it! I've been using it for about 4 weeks now, 1 application every other night. My skin is so clean and refreshed looking now, and I haven't had a single blackhead pop up since I started. Knock on wood! The only downside is that my skin is drier than it used to be, but moisturizing a couple times a day with an oil-free lotion has helped resolve that tremendously. Besides, I never liked the more oily skin I had before using Retin-A micro.

My nose is a severe problem area, as it is very prone to blackheads. The issue is so embarrassing and I've spent a fortune to treat it. I can't even add up how much I've wasted on skin care products to get rid of them. Everything from pore strips to mini vacuums. I tried Retin A as my last hope. I can tell you it is not effective at clearing up blackheads. It does work for acne and cystic pimples. In order to finally get rid of my blackheads, I started having frequent extractions done by a a professional esthetician. After the blackheads were removed, I continued to use Retin A on those areas. It did help to keep my face clear. Do not waste time and effort using Retin A for existing blackheads. A dermatologist can best advise on an alternative method.

Before trying Retin-A I would wash my face religiously with scrubs with salicylic acid hoping that blemishes and blackheads would go away. I even tried those Biore pores strips to try and clear the guck in my nose. Needless to say I was trying, but my skin care regiment was pretty pore until my dermatologist prescribed Retin-A. Retin-A, also known as tretinoin, worked great on the blackheads and clogged pores that I had on my nose. I used it for months, along with using it on the rest of my face as well. Over time, it cleared my blackheads significantly. At first, I didn't notice as much of a difference as I did with the rest of my face. I kept using the product religiously, and before I knew it, the blackheads were practically gone. With Retin-A, persistence pays. I kept in mind that I would not see results instantly, but with regular use, my skin looks a thousand times better. This includes stubborn blackheads.

Getting rid of blackheads on your nose is only possible if you can soften the dead skin cells in that area, which will release the blackheads from the pores. Some products will actually encourage more blackheads to form, including makeup and sunscreen with mineral oil and petroleum. So, based on this information. I used oil-free products and I use Retin-A which is prescribed by my doctor.

The Retin-A is actually a great product to use for acne treatment, blackheads and whiteheads because it encourages the removal of the top layer of skin and generates the production of new healthy cells. Your doctor will give you instructions on how often to apply the Retin-A, how to use it to dissolve your blackheads, treat acne and lighten any acne scars that you may have. I'm thrilled with the results that I've gotten with Retin-A. My face is clear, my pores are unclogged and previous acne scars are fading.