Does rosacea cause burning or itching to the cheeks?

I haven't been diagnosed yet but my cheeks have recently been quite red and itchy. I did some research about rosacea and was wondering if I could be suffering from it. Anyone experience itching before? Maybe its just a rash?


M, 31, Oregon

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It’s possible that you have rosacea. I was surprised when my doctor diagnosed me with rosacea because all the research I found online didn’t mention itching as a rosacea symptom. But I was itching like crazy! In my case, I had really dry skin that was contributing to my rosacea itching. My doctor suggested I apply lotion immediately after bathing, and use a humidifier to add moisture to the air and keep my skin moist. Those two changes really helped relieve my dry skin and rosacea itching. I think your redness might be caused by inflammation or an allergic reaction to a product you used. You have to be careful to choose skin care products that won’t irritate your skin. I know that a lot of products contain alcohol, which is very drying and can cause inflammation, so you may want to stop using these products for a while to see if your symptoms go away. You should also find a good dermatologist who can give you a proper diagnosis and treatments, which could include a topical antibiotic or other medication to alleviate your symptoms.

I used to have the same symptoms and spent way too much time trying to treat them with over-the-counter skin care creams and lotions or allergy medicines for facial redness. Finally, I made an appointment with a dermatologist and found out I had rosacea. Mine started out with mild episodes of red and itchy cheeks, and the burning that you describe came a little later. Eventually, though, I had flare ups more often than not, and I developed little red bumps all over my face and even eye symptoms. If your problem is not eczema or dry skin, rosacea is definitely a possibility. There are other conditions that also need to be ruled out with labs before a diagnosis can be made. Hopefully you are smarter than I was and get your condition checked out right away.

Yes, burning and itching are common symptoms of rosacea, caused by swelling and distress to the skin. I recommend you seek some medical advice as soon as you can. But in the meanwhile, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. You probably have dry skin, and it is worsening your symptoms. Keep the area clean, and slathered, and try to avoid sun exposure.

Itchy and burning cheeks was one of the main symptoms that I experienced before my rosacea diagnosis. In my early thirties, I kept having these episodes where my face would look sunburned even though I had not spent time in the sun. I thought I must have some sore of infection. When this happened, my cheeks would feel like they were on fire, and sometimes I had bumps across my face - kind of like acne. Is your face swollen at all? That was another one of my symptoms before my diagnosis. My doctor ran some tests to rule out other diseases, but in the end, everything lined up with rosacea. I knew mine was not a rash because it would fade and then come back, and each new episode seemed to last longer with more severe symptoms.

I experienced the same symptoms two years ago and thought that I was just experiencing some type of allergic reaction. A few months after the first incident, it happened again. I started to search the internet and believed that I had rosacea. I scheduled an appointment with my dermatologist. After an examination, he confirmed that I had rosacea. Rosacea is a non-curable skin condition that affects adults. Apparently, itching, stinging, and facial burning is some of the common symptoms of rosacea. My dermatologist recommended medication to help deal with the rosacea symptoms.