How can I treat rosacea naturally?

I am on a big holistic healing kick for any ailment that I get. I have suffered from mild rosacea for my entire life and in the past seeked treatments from my dermatologist. Is there any way I can treat rosacea naturally?


F, 52, Utah

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Shortly after I was diagnosed with rosacea, I decided to try some home remedies before using the conventional treatments that my doctor recommended to treat rosacea. After scouring various natural healing websites, I found a few remedies that have been helpful in reducing my rosacea symptoms. I struggle with nasty inflammation and redness on my cheeks, and I found that applying aloe vera gel to the affected area a few times a day was quite soothing and greatly reduced the dryness and inflammation. Another method I tried was incorporating healthy fats into my diet, such as avocado and coconut oil. These healthy fats have some anti-inflammatory properties to fight inflammation in your gut, which can contribute to rosacea symptoms. These natural home remedies helped lessen my rosacea symptoms, and I think they could be helpful for other rosacea sufferers out there.

I've had rosacea flare-ups for years. I've seen a dermatologist to treat my rosacea, but have decided to take a holistic approach to treating the skin condition. I'm a big proponent of holistic medicine, so I didn't want to take any of the commonly prescribed medications. One thing I tried was to reduce stress. Stress can cause a variety of skin issues, including acne and rosacea. I started taking yoga classes to relieve my stress. I changed my diet to one that includes foods that are anti-inflammatory like fresh vegetables and fruit. I also started using supplements with gamma-linolenic acid and drinking green tea insted of coffee.

I prefer natural treatments, too. I get rosacea on my chest and neck. Since my rosacea diagnosis, my doctor has always stressed the importance of figuring out the specific environmental factors that trigger my symptoms. For me, becoming overheated and eating certain types of spicy foods cause rosacea flare-ups. Since avoiding those foods, keeping one of those mini handheld fans in my purse, and making sure to exercise during the cool parts of the day, I rarely have problems. For natural remedies, I've also found that applying raw honey, coconut oil, or aloe vera helps. Also, for unrelated reasons, I started really watching my diet and avoiding all processed sugars, alcohol, caffeine, and dairy products, and I have noticed improvements in my skin problem.