Is it possible to get rosacea on your chest?

My upper chest seems to have lots of red blotches and I am not really sure what type of skin condition it is. I do get some sun in that area but I am very good at applying sunscreen. Is it possible to get rosacea on your upper chest and what do you recommend to treat it?


F, 52, California

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I know that it is possible to get rosacea on your chest because it happened to me. It took ages to get a diagnosis because my dermatologist had to rule out other diseases. Do your symptoms flare up at times and then get a little better? That's what happens with me. I was getting redness, swelling, and inflammation on my chest area. If you can find out what triggers your flares, rosacea is easier to manage. Also, make sure to use moisturizing lotion and gentle scent-free soaps. I would visit a doctor, though, to get an accurate diagnosis and see if you need any other medications.

I was shocked when I found out I had rosacea on my chest because I’d only heard of it being mainly on the face. So, it’s possible you have rosacea, but you should try to rule out the possibility that it’s an allergic reaction to your sunscreen or whatever lotions of perfumes you’re using on your chest. Try not wearing any chemical products on your skin for a week or two. If your symptoms persist, you should try to get your condition diagnosed by a dermatologist. If you are diagnosed with rosacea, your doctor will likely advise you to use a hypoallergenic SPF 30 sunscreen to protect your skin from rosacea flare-ups caused by sun exposure. He or she might also prescribe an oral or topical antibiotic to reduce your symptoms. Also you should avoid spicy foods because they are known to cause rosacea flare ups. There are also other treatment options, such as laser treatments that are also helpful in minimizing the redness and inflammation. You and your doctor can explore which rosacea treatment is right for you.

Yes. I actually have a mild case of rosacea that only appears on my neck and chest. I initially thought the tingling and redness on my neck and chest was a sunburn. When people talk about rosacea, they often talk about a skin condition that affects their face. I had no idea that rosacea was not just a facial condition. Rosacea can affect other areas of the body. When I went to my doctor, I was diagnosed with abnormality of the blood vessels and rosacea. My dermatologist prescribes the same medication to treat my chest rosacea that is used to treat facial and ocular rosacea.