I have a hypertrophic scar. How can I reduce it's appearance?

I have a hypertrophic scar and has already treated it with hydrogen peroxide and it's not as bulgy as before. Can laser treatments help me out to get rid of it?


F, 22, India

Hypertrophic scars can best be treated with kenelog injections.  Generally, the scar can be treated 3 times, 3 months apart.  If there is no improvement after the first treatment, we generally don't proceed with the second.  At that point, we would consider a surgical scar revision, with post-revision injection of kenelog and possible low dose radiation treatments (3 treatments, 3 days apart) to decrease the risk of recurrent.  Lasers are effective as smoothing out irregular scars and minimizing discoloration.  They are not very effective at treating hypertrophic scars.