Is Scar Repairex cream worth the money?

I was searching for a scar removal treatment for my cesarean section scar, and I discovered an article about this Scar Repairex cream on a blog. Has anyone heard of it? I might want to try it. I would appreciate if you could share your experience and thoughts on it. Thanks!


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I had a C-section completed. There were so many discussions on social media about scar reduction that it made my head spin. So, I went to a plastic surgeon just a month after my baby was born to have an expert look at my scar and recommend scar treatment. There are several scar creams available; Scar Repairex is a silicone base treatment. My plastic surgeon recommended that I massage my scar several times a day for 10 minutes, which would help break up the scar tissue and eliminate the formation of a growing injury. He also recommended silicone sheets, which I got from the surgeon. I was glad to get a product from a specialist, rather than online or a local store. I did achieve significant results with massage and the silicone sheets. The scarring was controlled, and I was happy with the results. My surgeon said that I could also have steroid injections completed if I I wanted to achieve even better results.

I may return later to have a mini tummy tuck done because it will get rid of the saggy belly fat that lies low in my abdomen and will further improve the appearance of my C-section scar. A plastic surgeon is the best place to get the answers that you're looking for because everyone scars a little differently depending on age, genetics and skin color. My plastic surgeon gave me recommendations that would eliminate a keloid scar growing larger and darker with time.

I have tried the Scar Repairex Cream. I thought it would be the best thing for me. When I had my C-Section, I was left with unwanted scarring. I wanted something that would be good for my skin, and remove my scars and leave me with healthy skin. When I saw that Scar Repairex cream was anti-inflammatory, I was thrilled because I knew it would be right for my sensitive skin. Unfortunately, I was wrong, it did not do as good a job for my scar removal as I hoped it would. I used it for a couple months, hoping my scars would fade away. The scars seemed to be more prominent after use. I wish this would have worked for me, and I wished the Repairex cream would have faded my scars. I used it as directed, but I would have been better off not using anything. It may work for others, but from my experience, it did not work wonders for my skin type and C-Section scarring. It was not worth the money I spent.

I use Scar Repairex Cream and it made a noticeable difference in my c-section scar. But I was fortunate to experience minor scarring from my cesarean section and I don’t think it would be useful for severe, deep scar removal. My scar was flat and pink; some reviews say Scar Repairex works on raised scars but I would ask a cosmetic physician first. I liked it, though, because it was over-the-counter (it is made in the United Kingdom so I ordered it online) and less expensive than prescription treatments. Also, I am of Asian descent and it’s formulated to work specifically with darker skin tones that produce excess melanin (also known as skin pigmentation). Even so, I do not think your ethnicity matters as much as your skin color, so if you possess a darker complexion you may benefit from using this scar reducing cream on other scars on your body.

I have seen this cream as well, and because it is silicone based on anti-inflammatory agents, it is probably a good cream to use to diminish your scars. My sister has used aloe vera for her c-section scar, and she swears by it. I have also used lavender essential oil on my stretch marks, and it appears that they have diminished significantly, so perhaps a routine utilizing both of these types of products would be something to consider for treating scars on your tummy. As a side note, I also mix essential oils that I use on my skin with grapeseed oil to dilute them. Grapeseed oil is also great for use on scars because helps to tighten skin and it is not known to clog pores.

My abdominal scars have embarrassed me since my C-section 15 months ago. I have olive toned skin, and the scar appeared to worsen over time. Recently I tried the new Scar Repairex Cream that everyone was raving about. I have to say that I am noticing some good results from the silicone based cream. My cousin is really into essential oils. She has made me some scar diminishing remedies that contain pure lavender and rosehip oils, organic honey and natural vitamin E oils. These two scar diminishing skincare methods are working better than I could have imagined.

I always recommend my for my patients scars or injuries which they use for about three months. Just as effective as the gels/crreams which are messy to use and expensive! Dr. E Domanskis

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