Is the Vbeam laser good for scar removal?

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I read that Vbeam can speed up the healing of cosmetic procedure scars, and I thought it would be worth a try (I had a breast augmentation). It's a bit expensive for my budget; that's why I want to make sure I'm not throwing money out the window. Would you recommend it?


F, 32, New Jersey

Consider V-Beam Laser treatment for your visible scars. This works exceptionally well on fair skin types. Sometimes a combination approach to scar treatments is the best remedy. The exact treatment right for your particular scar depends on pigment, size, skin type, whether scar is raised or depressed and other factors. I received the V-Beam Laser therapy for my prevalent C-section scar. I am pleased with the results although the scar is still faintly visible. Laser treatment for scars works best if done within a short time to 6 months after a scar occurs.

Yes, Vbeam Laser Treatments do work. I got a Vbeam laser treatment after my own breast implant surgery and it reduced the appearance of my scars quite a bit. I was pleased that it was an outpatient procedure, so I didn’t have to miss more than a day of work. Just be aware that you will return to the cosmetic surgeon’s office for multiple treatments. Results take up to five sessions to achieve. As for cost, my Vbeam treatment was actually less than $800 and if your scars are debilitating, it’s possible your insurance will pay. And don’t worry—it did not hurt at all. It just felt like a rubber band snapping on my skin. Afterward, I was only left with some temporary bruising. The procedure is definitely worth it since it’s safe and long-lasting. Make sure you stay out of the sun during the treatment process and don’t itch the scar even though the laser therapy makes it tempting to scratch at your skin.

Yes! It would work well for scaring if your scars are related to broken blood vessels or broken capillaries. It will speed up the healing of cosmetic treatments by using a dye to create a variety of different colored laser beams. They pulse the same color of the scar it is targeted and is absorbed by the skin, and they are then eliminated. The laser can work for a lot of different types of blemishes, from red to dark spots. If you have light or fair skin tone, the treatment works better than it does on olive skin. If your skin is a darker tone, you could try a chemical peel instead.