What scar removal home remedies for face are there?

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I have all kinds of scars on my face due to popping zits all my life. Did anyone find any home remedies for these types of scars?


M, 25, Connecticut

I have had acne since I was 11 years old. I thought that it would go away when I became an adult but I still suffer from constant blemishes. I am well into adulthood now and the zits will not go away. For years, I thought popping the zits would make them smoother and less noticeable. It flattened the zits out, but I was always left with sores from popping, which left chicken pox scars all over my face. Covering them up with makeup did not help me either. The makeup made more acne come and made me want to pop more. Then I decided to stop popping my zits to prevent any further scarring. I was still left with plenty of old scars though. I had to take action and use a regimen that would work for my skin. It has been helping so far. Once a week I use a mud mask on my skin. On the other days of the week, at night I wash my face with a gentle foam cleanser with antibacterial properties, before going to bed. In the morning, I rinse my face with lukewarm water and apply an astringent. If I sweat throughout the day, I will rinse my face again and pat dry with a clean towel. I lightly rub a baking soda paste on the marks on my face as well. Overtime, this has helped keep a better control over my acne scarring.

I have the same kind of scars. Most of the "zit popping" I have done was actually due to OCD and anxiety. So, unfortunately, I have plenty of these scars myself. I have created a really refreshing regimen that I follow every evening that has helped to smooth my skin and reduce the image of these nasty scars.

Three days a week I will use a really good exfoliating scrub to sluff off my dead skin cells. Then, every night I make sure to use a cleanser that is fit for my skin tone and follow it with a toner. I will also rotate clay masks and peels into my regimen, being careful not to dry out my skin. Then will a cotton ball I gently apply Frankincense essential oil, coconut oil, and occasionally apple cider vinegar on all of my deepest scars. It has reduced the appearance of my scars, and the regimen has helped my skin to appear smoother. It isn't something that happens overnight, but with time and consistent care, you can diminish the appearance of your scars too.

Acne scarring was my enemy! UGH! The first step to dealing with my scarring was to see a dermatologist and try and find a solution to treat acne. I used a combination of treatments to address the scars. I tried everything to fade scars until I finally saw a plastic surgeon that had a better understanding of acne. The cosmetic surgeon recommended that I try a topical bleaching cream, which was very affordable. This treatment has healing properties that removes the darker patches of scarring caused by my previous acne outbreaks.

Even though I saw improvement from the cream I decided to take my scar removal a step further and I had a CO2 laser resurfacing treatment completed. It didn't require any downtime, and it helped my skin to regenerate collagen. I had three treatments done, and I have a 60 percent improvement from the CO2 laser. My surgeon explained that there are several different options available for resurfacing, and he chose the best for my skin color and texture. I recommend that you see a dermatologist to treat the acne and to stop any further scarring. A plastic surgeon is an excellent next step for you should take. There are several cosmetic answers, and your doctor can recommend one that will fit your unique situation.

I popped my zits as a teenager and I regret it now. I am left with a few brutal scars that makeup won’t cover. I do not have the financial freedom for a professional treatment, so I turned to a home remedy my mom told me about long ago: Vitamin E supplements. I save money by buying a high-quality vitamin E oil capsule and pop it open. I apply the liquid to my acne scars and top it with a moisturizer containing vitamin C and aloe vera. Since my scars were bad but not severe, I saw an improvement over the first few weeks. I even tried a mixture of vitamin E and olive oil and applied to the affected area. My skin loved the moisture and my scars faded quite a bit. Here’s a hint, though: I didn’t realize how sticky my vitamin E supplements were, so try applying the oil during your nighttime skin care routine. It works best under moisturizer. If you suffer from serious scarring, you may want to talk to a cosmetic surgeon.

I have suffered from acne for years. Now, I follow a simple skincare routine that includes gentle exfoliation three times a week followed by a gentle mask made for my skin type. For older scars, I go to my natural remedy routine of lemon juice and honey mixture turned into a paste. This has helped fade the darker colors nicely. If I get a pimple now, I apply toothpaste overnight. This really works wonders.