What's the most efficient treatment for bug bite scars?

I have a lot of brown scars on my lower legs "thanks" to numerous mosquitoes living in the area where I grew up. I thought they would fade over time, but they seem as vivid as they were at the beginning. It's now time to do something about them. What treatments did you try for bug bite scars? Which ones were efficient and which ones were not?


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I have very fair skin and light blue eyes. As a child, I spent many summers outside in heavily wooded areas when my family camped. To this day, I have the remains of childhood scars from mosquito bites and ticks. They faded some over time, but some remain that are a tan to brown color. I am also looking for ways to improve my lower leg scars. It has helped my to always wear sunscreen and bug repellent whenever outdoors. I prefer Avon's Skin So Soft oil to more chemical bug repellents. Try applying natural vitamin E oil to the scars and applying aloe vera lotion if any new bug bites develop. I am considering laser scar revision to decrease the darker pigment. Hope that helps.

I had some scars on my arms from bite marks, so I saw a plastic surgeon for a consultation. My surgeon explained that they were hypertrophic, raised scars, and gave me some options for treating the problem. I started with the application of topical silicone gel. I applied silicone gel sheets over the affected area for four hours each day for six months. This treatment can significantly reduce the appearance of the scars by deeply hydrating the area and encouraging the production of collagen in the cells. I completed this treatment, and the scars became softer and flatter, but I still wasn't satisfied.

My doctor then recommended steroid injections, which can reduce scarring quickly and improve the appearance of the scars between 50 and 100 percent. I was pleased with the results, and I did notice a significant difference after having several steroid injections into the scars on my arms. My scars are no longer raised and are significantly lighter and soft to the touch. I would highly recommend that you use a surgeon to get some recommendations for your specific needs because everyone's body scars a little differently.

Bug bite scars can be an unsightly source of embarrassment for sufferers—I have about nine of them on my left leg and seven on my right. I've found that skin lightening treatments have helped fade them but I have to be vigilant about reapplying. I started out using a few over-the-counter skin lightening lotions and creams but I found that meeting with my cosmetic doctor actually sped up the process of the scar treatment. She prescribed me a prescription-strength medication and let me know that there are even pills I could try if topical lotions don't work. One word of caution though: If you do decide to lighten your scars, do not go into the sun. Don’t be like me and sunbathe while undergoing treatment. You’ll end up with a harsh burn, worsening your skin problems. Be sure to wear a good sunscreen if you know you’ll be exposed to harsh sunlight. Good luck.

I had so many scars from bug bites when I was a kid. The bugs loved me. We grew up in the south and the gnats were ruthless! My mom had to keep calamine lotion in stock for me and my itchy skin issues, from being bitten so much. Sometimes I would even have allergic reactions from the bug bites which led to rashes. The bites would itch so bad that I would scratch them to feel better. This left scars on my body, especially my legs. I tried everything I could think of, but could not get the scars off of my legs. So I did not want to wear shorter dresses and skirts because I felt too embarrassed with these little marks all around my legs. After trying home remedies like putting baking soda on my scars (which didn't work), my friend mentioned scar revision surgery to me, and I thought, I might as well try it. As time went on, I noticed the marks were fading, and I did not notice them as much. It took about 4 months for me to notice that they were 95% gone. Now I can wear what I want to wear to show off my legs and not be worried if people will see scars.

I have the same issue! We live in a wooded area, with tall grasses where mosquitos and chiggers love to hang out. The scars wouldn't turn out as bad as they do if I could resist itching them as much as I do. However, sometimes the bites are so itchy that I cannot stop scratching, and I end up making the scars and wounds even worse, and at some times they become infected.

I have a few scars that I am still working with, but I have found that what works best for my scaring is to treat the dark spots with Frankincense essential oil. I apply daily, twice if I can remember, and over time my scars have faded quite a bit. I know that some people don't like the smell of Frankincense, so an alternative that I've heard works well is Lavender. You could even switch off between the two oils! Hopefully this can help my insect bite scars.

I had steroid injections to reduce scars on my arms and legs. The injections were pain-free, and they did help my scars to flatten and soften. You could see a cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist about having injections for your bug bites. There are other types of treatments that could be done, including creams, chemical peels, and laser treatments. If you visit a specialist, you will be able to get personalized recommendations for your scars. There are a few natural remedy treatments you could try but I didn't see much improvement to the scar tissue.