Are there any treatments for Vitiligo?

I never had any skin discolorations or hypopigmentation when I was growing up, but in my early 20's I started to notice that when my face was exposed to the sun I would develop white spots.  I was diagnosed by my dermatologist with something called Vitiligo.  Is there any suggestions on what can help with preventing these white spots? 


M, 31, New York

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Hi JosephDa,

In certain instances, hypopigmentation can be addressed through the use of topical corticosteroids or other eczema topical agents for the treatment of Pityriasis Alba.

When there is a genetic component to hypopigmentation, which may be your case, altering its appearance is somewhat more difficult. Treatment options for hypopigmentation and vitiligo vary in cost and effectiveness. Among these options you may want to look into topical gels, pulsed light, and/or laser therapy.

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