So many skin care brands to choose from HELP!!! I need some guidance on finding a new one....

I am in the market for a new skin care regime, I have used Clarins, Clinique, Neutrogena, and the list goes on and on....   I have combination skin and aside from the occasional pimple my skin is pretty clear.


Please provide feedback on the skin care brands you are currently using and have used- pros, cons, etc....

Thanks so much!


F, 49, New Jersey

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Great!  Thank you JRover for sharing, this is definitely helpful.

Some of the top brands are SkinMedica, Skinceuticals, ZO Obagi and Neocutis. You can buy these brands online, but I have heard that most of the products sold online with these brand names are fake. These are very high-end skin care lines and I recommend you visit a doctor to buy them (Dermatologists typically carry them. That's where I get my skin care lines). The reason why these brands are better than any other over-the-counter products, is because they follow clinical testing and have very high quality standards (reflected in their price - unfortunately :( ). 

This is a great list. Thank you. I use Obagi (not ZO Obagi, just Obagi) face wash. I love it!