Are there Groupon discounts for Smile Direct Club?

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It seems like today there is a Groupon or coupon for every non-invasive cosmetic procedure under the sun. For example, I always see Groupon's for botox, fillers, and laser hair removal. Are there ever Groupon discounts for Smile Direct Club? I would love to find an efficient way to straighten my teeth as an adult and saving money is always a good thing!


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I know that there are Groupon discounts available for Smile Direct Club. I was able to purchase an at-home impression kit on Groupon for a really nice discount. The Groupon that I purchased included the impression kit, an evaluation kit and a big discount on the invisible aligners. I was also pretty excited to find out that the Groupon came with a few months worth of whitening gel. This was a nice extra touch as I wanted to whiten my teeth as well. I saw a difference after about a month, so it is definitely worth it. Most of the Groupons I've seen for Smile Direct Club have been for a discount on the impression kit. I have heard from other people though that if you can't find a Groupon, Smile Direct Club offers great discounts on their own, so it is worth checking out.

Groupon really offers the best of everything! Growing up in Portland in a lower middle class family with 6 siblings, my parents could barely afford to keep food on the table let alone teeth straightening treatment for me. Trust me, I needed it desperately too. I am now 32-years-old and living on my own, and I just found a great deal on Groupon for an Invisible Aligner Package treatment plan. You should be able to pull up the same deal or something similar by just searching for ""Smile Direct Club"" on Groupon. They ship right to your house, and most dental insurance carriers cover some, most, or all of any associated treatment costs. It is definitely available and worth looking into!

There are a few things that you do get added when you use a Groupon for the aligner treatment. You are able to go to a smileshop and get a 3d scan if you do not feel comfortable doing the at home dental impression kit. They also include a whitening treatment when you get you go into the smileshop to get fitted for the clear aligners. Plus you get money off from the entire treatment. The price of the Groupon I purchased was very cheap - something like $50 so it was totally worth it. Its kind of like when you go to bed, bath, & beyond you should always bring the 20% off coupon - I do not see a reason not to buy the Groupon.

Yes! There are always different coupons on Groupon so you should definitely keep an eye anytime that you're thinking about doing something like this! Coupons aren't always available because they are always changing them but you can get a really big discount if they are running a promotion. I have definitely seen them for Smile Direct Club, but I am sure they also have them for companies like Invisalign.

For SDC, I saw one once there was a free exam, a premium whitening treatment, as well as 50% off your initial visit. I also think that there's also a way to set it up where Groupon will send you an email if Smile Direct Club offers a discount code.

I'll be honest with you, you should really only try clear aligners if you don't have severe issues with your teeth. I spoke with my dentist before I moved forward with trying it and luckily I didn't have a lot of issues so I was able to give them a shot.

With that said, if you have minimal problems with your teeth this is a great option. I have felt really confident wearing them and I’ve been having the results that I would have expected to see with traditional braces. I definitely didn't want to do metal braces so this was a great middle ground.

I purchased my Smile Direct Club impression kit through a Groupon offer, and I got a good discount! The offer is still available. But it says for a limited time only, so I’m not sure how much longer it’s available. The Groupon package that I purchased included an evaluation and at home dental impressions plus 100 dollars off the aligners. Oh, I forgot to mention that the Groupon offer also included a free three-month supply of tooth whitening gel with the aligners. I’ve been wearing my aligners for one month, and I’m beginning to see a difference already. I always wanted to have my teeth straightened before college, and when I didn’t accomplish that goal, I was frustrated. But I’m thrilled with this invisible option and with the quality of the smile direct service.

When I saw Groupon on my social media feed I checked it out. In doing so, I found discounts for Smile Direct Club. It saved me a significant amount of money. With this being said, there may not always be a Groupon available. I would recommend checking the site frequently to see what sort of discounts are being offered. Smile Direct Club ( already has great prices, and the Groupon coupon code just gave me the added incentive I needed to go for it! I have struggled with crooked teeth and am finally getting the treatment I need. I got to go to an office and meet with a dental professional since I was worried I would screw up the starter kit on my own. You do have the option to do it all at home, but you do get a bunch of add ons by using the Groupon.

I have been to Smile Direct Club twice now and the fees are impressive even when there are no Groupon discounts. My last visit happened at a time when the clinic was offering coupons for taking impressions, and I ended up paying almost 50 percent less than what I would on a normal day.

It was really so good and I felt like I should have known the clinic long ago. Again, when you pay all the fees at once, you end up paying up to 60 percent less for almost all the procedures. This discount is not seasonal – it is always there for you to claim.

Yup, there are Groupons and coupons for SmileDirectClub. Here's a Groupon ($59 dental impression kit vs. the regular price of $99) and here's a 50% off coupon code (RMN50) for the impression kit ($49 vs. $99). The discounts are almost off their impression kits and not the aligners.