What is the price of Smile Direct Club?

How much money should I be looking at spending if I were to get aligners from SDC? I heard that there may be a payment plan. Since I am still in college this would be great for me.


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I am in college too, and I am using Smile Direct Club to straighten my teeth. I currently have a payment plan that is based on the number of aligners that I needed in my system. My system was custom designed by an SDC orthodontist who reviewed my impression kit and 3-D photos. 

The average price ranges from $1350-$1925, which is a big difference from other treatments that require regular monthly visits to the orthodontist and cost around $5000. Plus, your insurance may also provide you with a reimbursement for the cost of the treatment. My dental coverage didn’t include orthodontics, but yours might. 

I’m thrilled with my payments because they are affordable. I’m paying $80 a month for 24 months. The Smile Direct Club prices are about 60 percent less than other companies but the results of the same. I’m pleased with the product and the price!

Smile Direct Club is a real affordable option. Creating impressions and shipping them cost me $1850 and their aligners do not need frequent visits to the dentist. This is as low as $80 a month for about 24 months. A friend of mine, whose teeth only took eleven months to align paid significantly less at Smile Direct Club versus what she would have paid for Invisalign. After your initial appointment (or you can do it from home with an impression kit), aligners will be sent to you for only $99, which is way less than what other clinics are charging out there.

What I liked most was the monthly payment plan option. And if you do want to pay it all at once you can get up to a 60% discount on the product.

As a college student, I was in the same boat about a year ago when I started looking into teeth straightening options for an affordable price. Luckily, my two close friends had just gone with the Smile Direct Club, and so I did not have to look far. The Smile Direct Club really works with you too, as they offer a payment plan if you need it. This is what I opted for, as I did not necessarily have $1800 (total plan cost) burning a hole in my pocket at the time. I currently have 13 months left on an $80 per month plan for 24 months, which I think is more than reasonable. I could not have asked for a better, more affordable deal for straighter teeth! They also offer great customer service if you have any problems while on the treatment plan. They have licensed dental professionals who work for the company so its not like you are trying to straighten your teeth without professionals.

At one point I was looking at traditional braces but it was going to be around $5,000 so I decided against them. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the low cost of purchasing invisible aligners from Smile Direct Club. The cost was $1850.00. Smile Direct Club even offers payment plans which make paying for the aligners even easier. For the dental impressions with the at home kit, it is a cost of only $99. This fee is given back to people who are not a candidate. Luckily, I did not have this problem. With the payment plan, I was able to pay $80 per month for 24 months. Payment options like this were not available when I looked into metal braces. Also, these are invisible so I wont look silly. Smile Direct ended up fitting my budget perfectly and now I have a great new smile.

The nice thing about Smile Direct Club is that I was able to make payments with a payment plan rather than have to pay everything up front. Smile Direct Club is cheaper than Invisalign most of the time. I had to pay a little bit less than $2,000 for Smile Direct Club, and paid over the course of two years. Your payments will depend on the number of alignments that you need. If you need less than me you may end up paying even less than $2,000. Other treatment options require that you go to the dentist regularly and can be twice as expensive. I really liked that Smile Direct Club offered a reasonable price to get my teeth aligned. My friend even told me that her insurance covered part of it, so you should check your plan to see if you are eligible to be reimbursed.

1) The impression kit costs $95. You need the impression kit to take molds of your teeth to see if you're a good candidate. 

2) You can pay for the aligners all upfront, for a cost of $1,850 or you can pay it out monthly. The monthly cost varies depending on the number of aligners you'll need, but the average cost is $87/mo.