What results should I expect from Smile Direct Club?

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In theory I love the idea of doing everything on my own and not going through a dentist or orthodontist to straighten my teeth. I am a bit skeptical though. Can someone let me know if they saw good results from using their clear aligners? If this process works well I think that I will definitely try it.


F, 24, New York

I saw excellent results with Smile Direct Club. I had gaps in my front teeth that needed to be fixed. An orthodontist wanted $5,500 for Invisalign, so I decided to do a little online research and discovered the company that makes Smile Direct Club also makes Invisalign. Your Smile Direct Club molds and aligners are reviewed by a dental professional remotely. I did not have a single issue during my treatment. My teeth are now perfectly aligned, gap-free and I feel good when I smile now. I also only to pay $1,850 versus the $5,500 a local orthodontist wanted to charge me! 

I wasn't sure what to expect from Smile Direct Club, but decided to try it out because I wanted to get my teeth aligned without the high price of having a dentist do it. Smile Direct Club really does a great job of providing awesome results for their clients at a reasonable cost. I did get an evaluation and a licensed dental professional helped me pick out which invisible aligners would work best for my teeth. A custom treatment plan was created for me teeth and in just a few months I saw results, my teeth appeared to be more aligned and I was very happy that I decided to try out Smile Direct Club. A professional dentist is involved with helping you make sure everything gets done right, so you can be assured that you're getting the best care possible if you chose to go with Smile Direct Club.

I popped my head into a smile shop location in NYC just to get some information about the treatment. They told me they had some sort of special which ultimately convinced me to get it done. I got a free 3d scan in the office along with a whitening treatment and whitening gel. And I saved some money on the aligners and I was able to do a monthly payment option.

If you are a good candidates for the invisible aligners will not be disappointed in their results. For my entire adult life, I was embarrassed by my smile. I hated the way I looked in pictures, and my badly aligned teeth really held me back from a lot of things. Once I found Smile Direct Club, I got the self-confidence I needed to smile for pictures. The results speak for themselves. My new teeth are perfectly aligned. The results are absolutely amazing. Other people that I know who have tried Smile Direct Club say the same thing. They are truly impressed with their results.

I feel like Smile Direct Club makes good on their promise to give their patients the best smile. I went there a while ago with teeth that needed whitening and alignment. I had called earlier and explained the issues to the dentist who gave me an appointment and suggested their home impression kits. I chose a dentist’s visit. When I visited, the dentist examined me and helped me choose the best option for teeth alignment and I chose Smile Direct Club teeth aligners. Eight months later, my teeth are looking all in one line and I feel like I do not need the aligners anymore. 

My teeth were also whitened. At first, I thought a white coat has been applied on my teeth to make them white, and I tried scrubbing them – the white shines own and I feel like a new version of myself. The thing I liked about Smile Direct Club is how they work with patients to give the best results. 

I’m using the Smile Direct Club to straighten my teeth, and I’m experiencing outstanding results! One of my favorite parts about using the club is the fact that I get to avoid going to the orthodontist monthly. I’m not a teen anymore, and I would feel silly sitting there with all the teenagers who are getting metal brackets placed on their teeth. The aligners fit my teeth correctly, and the transition to each new aligner has been smooth and problem free. My first photographs and dental impressions were reviewed by a board-certified and state-licensed orthodontist, and professional technicians make my aligners. I’m thrilled with the product, and I would recommend it.