Can I get sclerotherapy for spider veins on my upper back?

Doctors seem to recommend sclerotherapy for the treatment of most types of spider veins. Does it work on the upper back, too? I haven't found any video about treating spider veins on the upper back.


F, 44, New Jersey

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I had sclerotherapy done on my legs recently and I don’t remember the doctor saying that it could be done on a person’s back. I remember the doctor saying that it’s normally a procedure done on legs and feet, but that sometimes it’s done on the face, thighs, and ankles. Apparently, a lot of people get the procedure done on the back of their legs from what I see online. Are you positive that what you have on your back are spider veins? It’s possible that they are stretch marks from gaining or losing weight. You might want to see a dermatologist about them if you are worried about them or don’t like how they look.

I had sclerotherapy done, and it gave me amazing results. I saw a vein specialist for spider veins, and I had a few on my back. The injections were pain-free and the area healed without any problems. I used to be too embarrassed to wear dresses or bathing suits that revealed my back, and the veins in my legs were starting to get too noticeable for me to wear anything short. Technology has come so far, and my vein treatment results were like a dream come true. My self-esteem has definitely improved since I had sclerotherapy, and I would recommend it.

Although I haven't had sclerotherapy on my upper back, I do have a family member who has had the procedure performed. It's similar to what is done on legs. There is very little, if any, pain involved with the procedure. Keep in mind that it's removing veins on your back, so it might be awkward to sleep on your back for a few days until the area completely heals. If the veins are too small, then sclerotherapy usually isn't as helpful as other methods.

I had spider veins treated on the back of my thighs and on my calves. I was a good candidate for sclerotherapy, which is an injection that causes the vein to contract and become invisible. Some of my spider veins disappeared immediately following the injections, and other areas disappeared gradually. It took more time for some of my veins to disappear.

There are other options but sclerotherapy is one of the best treatments available. Laser and intense pulsed light are also effective for treating spider veins and my doctor reviewed those options with me as well. I'm glad that I chose sclerotherapy because the area my back was more sensitive, and I wanted to make sure that the treatment was as quick and pain-free as possible.