Can spider veins be harmful to your health?

Are enlarged veins caused by underlying medical issues? All I know is that I might have poor circulation in my arms and legs since they are always cold. I don't have any other symptom or anything else to indicate that I should be worried, but I want to make sure there's nothing to worry about. Also, can the spider veins themselves cause me health issues?


M, 36, New Jersey

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Spider veins themselves can't really be harmful to your health. It's the other way around. If you are getting spider veins, you might not have any issues; however, it can sometimes be the results of other issues that you don't even know you're going through.

Even if you aren't having any pain or anything like that there's no reason not to talk with your doctor. It's really simple to take a few tests to make sure that your blood pressure and your circulation are still doing well. You should just look at it as a possible precursor to health issues and be happy that you might have caught something before it became something more serious.

My doctor told me that while my spider veins were probably not super attractive to me they probably weren't caused by any underlying health concerns. My doctor thought that my spider veins were probably caused by being in the sun too often as well as hormonal changes because my veins showed up while I was pregnant and spending time at the beach.

I would say that if you don't have any other symptoms besides spider veins, you're probably fine. If you are really worried you can always check with your doctor just to make sure. Honestly though, you should only really be concerned if you are having other issues.

Spider veins are not usually a serious medical problem, but more of a cosmetic issue. Sometimes, they can cause painful feelings in your legs. They might itch or burn and some even throb. Usually, spider veins are perfectly harmless, but they can develop into serious medical issues. For example, spider veins could make you develop sores or skin ulcers due to the backing up of the blood. Sometimes they cannot heal until the backed up blood is removed. Another issue is bleeding. The skin that is over the top of the spider veins is thinner and easily injured. This could mean losing more blood than usual in the event of an injury. Blood clots, also known as superficial thrombophlebitis, is a risk as well. This is when a blood clot that forms in the vein just below your skin. Symptoms of this include skin redness; firm, tender, warm vein; sometimes pain and swelling, too. Deep vein Thrombosis is a blood clot that is the deeper portion of the vein. This causes a pulling sensation in your leg. If this clot travels to your lungs it could be fatal.