Can you get spider veins from working out?

I think that I've developed spider veins from running after work every day. My wife has them too, but she has them because she needs to stand all day at work. I didn't think that I'd be dealing with the same problem just from exercising too much.


M, 36, New Jersey

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I am a fitness freak and yes, you can get spider veins from working out. I used to run long distances every day. I also went to the gym and did weight lifting and intensive aerobics classes. When I started seeing the spider veins in my legs, I went to the doctor immediately. The good news is that I don’t have any problems with my circulation. My doctor did recommend cutting back on the running to a few times a week. Running on hard concrete may have been causing the spider veins in my legs. I’ve opted to vary my workouts and run three times a week, swim, weight lift, and I’m even trying yoga. Swimming is supposed to be the best option I've read. I don’t think you have anything to worry about, but checking in with your doctor is never a bad idea.

I had a problem with spider veins that developed from standing all day. It's usually a hereditary issue that is activated by excess standing or even exercise. It was a frustrating problem for me because I didn't like how they looked. I had sclerotherapy, which is injections into the veins. My spider veins were mild and disappeared almost immediately. If you're in good health and active, you will probably heal quickly after the treatment. I'm really excited about the results I received, and my husband had a large patch of spider veins on his calf that he had treated. I didn't think it was a big deal because his calves had hair that partially concealed the spider veins, but he didn't like how they looked and they itched. We are both pleased with the results and find ourselves recommending sclerotherapy to many of our friends.

Since exercise can put a strain on your blood vessels and other areas of your body, it's possible to get spider veins from working out. This is something to monitor if you spend a lot of time walking, running, or doing exercises that involve the use of your legs more than other areas of the body. I've had more cramps from exercising and have noticed that when I have more cramps and the feeling of tightness in my legs, I seem to get more spider veins that appear.