Do I have spider veins or stretch marks?

I know it sounds silly but I've got thin purple lines on my inner thighs and I'm not sure if they're spider veins or stretch marks. They look a bit like both.


F, 59, New York

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I have a bunch of stretch marks from my pregnancy and I guess it would depend on your skin tone. Stretch marks may initially look like purple or reddish colored spider veins. I wouldn't be too concerned about it though because if it's really spider veins, you can have them treated and they will disappear. I had spider veins and some varicose veins removed and some of them disappeared right after the treatment and the other ones faded over the next couple of weeks.

Sclerotherapy involves injections into the spider veins. I'm really thrilled with my results and I would recommend that you see a vein doctor before the spider veins begin to bulge or spread out. The sclerotherapy injections are not painful and the healing process is really quick.

It’s not a silly question at all. I had the same question myself but, in my case, there were marks around my ankles that were purple. My legs had started swelling every day, so I went to the doctor to see what was happening. The marks on my ankles were spider veins and not stretch marks. I thought they could be either because I had lost a lot of weight this past year and had stretch marks on other parts of my body. You should see a doctor if you’re not sure. My stretch marks are more purple than my spider veins, which look redder. The stretch marks also look more like burns on my skin and they are a little bumpy.

Since I have several stretch marks on my stomach and some on my upper arms, I thought that maybe my spider veins were really stretch marks as well. Upon closer inspection, I realized that they were spider veins on my legs. There are more on the backs of my knees and on the sides, which are common areas for these small veins that aren't really bothersome but are not appealing to look at for most people. My spider veins do resemble stretch marks because they are stretched out to a point, so it's easy to get them confused.

Very thin, fine purple lines are probably spider veins. I had a problem with patches of spider veins on my thighs and calves. I saw a specialist and had sclerotherapy done. There are some other treatments available, but this treatment was pain-free and provided quick results, in the veins disappeared within a couple of weeks. If it is spider veins, they could get worse. I would recommend that you see a specialist and have them treated. My insurance company paid for it, but it was also priced reasonably.