Do spider veins disappear after pregnancy?

Is there any chance that I'll be free of spider veins after I give birth? I didn't used to have them before I got pregnant and now I'm in my last trimester. Do they at least fade? Please tell me they do.


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I hope that yours do because I was told that mine would but they never did. They did stop spreading after I had my twins though. My doctor told me that I had just had such a huge injection of hormones throughout my pregnancy that my veins weren't able to handle the load. I was really careful too and kept hoping they would go away until my twins were about a year old.

I ended up having to look into other options to see about getting them removed. I know that there's a procedure where they inject something that makes the veins close up so that the blood is sent through other more healthy veins. I hope that it works for me and I hope that you are spider veins go away on their own!

You are super lucky because the chances of your spider veins going away after you have your baby are super high. Even if they don't go away all the way, chances are that you will see a huge reduction in their visibility. Additionally, there are tons of ways that you can try to reduce spider veins from forming during the rest of your pregnancy.

I've heard of some moms wearing compression socks during their pregnancy, which can help to encourage circulation in legs. I personally stopped crossing my legs and started taking more vitamin C during my pregnancy, which is supposed to help reduce the number of vein problems. I've also heard that you can do some more exercises or elevate your legs while you're sitting so that you don't have to worry about a lack of blood flow.

Congratulations on your baby, by the way!

Spider veins are just another joyful thing that pregnant women get to experience. I developed spider veins with my second child in the last trimester. After I gave birth they were still hanging around. Now, he’s three, and I can kind of still see them, but they are nowhere near as purple as they were when he was born. The chances of your spider veins hanging around will increase if you have had multiple pregnancies or if you have a family history of spider veins. If that is the case, you may not get rid of them completely. There are certain things like exercising or elevating your feet if you are sitting down that will help decrease your chance of spider veins.