Do spider veins itch? If yes, why?

Is itching a symptom of spider veins? I often find myself scratching my lower legs, mostly in the area where I've got the most broken capillaries. Does anyone know if it has something to do with them?


F, 49, Michigan

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I have experienced spider veins, and one of the symptoms was itching. My specialist told me that most people self diagnose based on symptoms alone. An aching, discomfort and itching sensation is common when a blood vessel becomes twisted and protrudes. I'm not sure if it could indicate another problem as well. You should see a doctor to be on the safe side. Spider veins are very easy to treat, and some at-home treatments can help.

I experienced some improvements after I lost about 10 pounds. I also wore an elastic bandage over the most problematic vein, which helped to reduce the pain and itching. I eventually decided to have my varicose veins treated along with some spider veins (broken capillaries). I'm really thrilled with the results, and the process was amazingly comfortable. I recommend sclerotherapy because it's a simple treatment using injections. I wish you the best of luck, and I suggest that you don't panic. Spider veins are very common and can be caught and treated early.

There are several spider veins on my legs, especially around my knees. They itch all the time to the point where I have to take a few minutes out of my day to get some kind of relief by just rubbing them so that they no longer itch. The extra blood that is present causes the itching, similar to when an incision is healing. It can also be caused by the added pressure that is in the legs. I can sometimes see my spider veins raised close to the upper layers of my skin, making them almost unbearable at times. I haven't really tried to get the removed or anything. I'll update if I do.

I got sclerotherapy for the treatment of spider veins. Spider veins and varicose veins are related, and a symptom is itching and slight discomfort. I also experience restless leg syndrome from the varicose veins and other vein issues. You may be experiencing other symptoms that you're not recognizing, but if you see a specialist you can have them treated really quickly. Most insurance covers the treatment, and the procedure involves just a few injections.

I recommend that you see a vein specialist for treatment to remove the veins. The itching and your symptoms may continue to get worse without treatment. The area was a little uncomfortable for the next few days, but the veins just disappeared. I hope you can do a follow-up post if you have the treatment done to share your experience.

The back of my legs are covered in spider veins and broken capillaries. Last month, I ended up going to the doctor because my legs were so itchy that they were keeping me up at night. No matter what I did they wouldn’t stop itching. The doctor said that the broken capillaries may be causing my skin to itch because the blood isn’t flowing the way it should be. He also warned me to not scratch my legs because it could cause scarring or infection. I’m going back for another appointment to see what can be done about my spider veins. The itching hasn’t stopped but hopefully if I can get rid of the broken capillaries that’ll resolve the itching.