Do spider veins spread over the years?

I have small fine red to purple veins on my legs, ankles and feet. I didn't notice them before, so I think they gradually developed on my body until they became visible. Will they continue to get worse? My mother developed enlarged blue veins on her outer thighs because she had a job where she had to stand up a lot (I sit a lot at work).


F, 32, Rhode Island

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As I've gotten older and my circulation has gotten worse I have found that my spider veins have created an entire map. I know that in general, they don't spread like what one would normally think of, but I just keep getting more and more spider veins and it looks like they're spreading even though it's not exactly what is happening.

I definitely tried to follow all of the advice from my doctor about how to reduce the amount of icky looking veins that I got. I exercise regularly, I keep my feet up, and I wear compression socks if I'm planning on going anywhere where I might retain water. Even with all that stuff, I still ended up with a wide array of spider veins on different parts of my body.

Spider veins don't spread like one would imagine a disease or something like that spreading. However, as you get older if you are already prone to having spider veins there is an increased chance that you will have more. That is because you probably are already having issues with your veins and general blood blockages. As you get older your veins are going to become a bit more finicky too.

If you're concerned about the appearance of the spider veins that you already have or want to reduce the possibility of having more in the future, I was told that I should make sure that I'm having the recommended amount of exercise every day, wearing compression socks, and only sitting with my feet up.

Ever since I started following this advice I have found that I have been getting much fewer spider veins every year. I'm probably going to keep following this advice so that I never feel compelled to go and have laser treatment to have them removed completely.

Yes, spider veins do tend to spread over the years. That’s essentially where the name “spider vein” comes from because they spread like a spider spreads a web. The veins usually start in the knee area and begin to spread down the legs. Where they will show up will kind of depend on your family’s history as well. They get more common the older that you get. The type of job that you have is also a factor. If you sit or stand for too long without taking time to stretch or change positions, you are setting yourself to develop spider veins sooner rather than later.