Does hep C cause spider veins on the face and body?

Someone told me that hepatitis C leads to liver cirrhosis, and that might be the reason that I developed spider veins on my face and body. I got infected with hep C when I was only 7 years old, from an unsterilized needle. I remember being treated back then, and I haven't had an issue with it since. Is it possible that those spider veins are a sign that I have developed liver cirrhosis?


F, 37, California

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Yes, Hepatitis C can cause spider veins. That is because spider veins are created by a blockage of blood in your vein. That can happen because your veins are too small and you had a surge of hormones or because you have an issue like Hepatitis C.

While it can be very frustrating, spider veins themselves are not actually a danger for your body. If you are already being treated for your Hepatitis C then there's no reason to have any additional concerns about the spider veins. However, if you are struggling with the way that it looks you are always able to wear compression socks or make sure that your feet are always up when you're sitting. These two things combined will help to reduce the amount of spider veins that you get in the future.

I would 100% be concerned that my hepatitis C had caused liver cirrhosis if I was getting spider veins out of the middle of nowhere. If you have gone through life without any spider veins and suddenly have found that you're having some, you might want to go to your doctor.

There's a good chance that it's nothing and maybe it's just genetics catching up with you but there's no reason not to go. This is honestly enough of an issue that you shouldn't be asking here and you should have already gone to the doctor. I hope that you are okay and that you are healthy.

That's a really tough break. Getting hepatitis at 7 from an un-sterilized needle is just incredibly unfair.

No, hepatitis C and spider veins are not a sign that you have developed liver cirrhosis. You most likely have developed the spider veins because it’s a trait that runs in your family. There are several different ways to treat the veins on your face and your body.