How good is Vbeam laser for treating spider veins?

Will I see the results immediately, like with sclerotherapy? I'm wondering if there's a benefit to choosing Vbeam over anything else. Is this type of treatment less aggressive?


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I'm not sure how good a laser would be for removing spider veins. I had the sclerotherapy process done because the process didn't seem nearly as complicated as a laser. I'm a little leery about going under the knife or under the laser to have a cosmetic issue taken care of.

I know that I was really happy with the results of the sclerotherapy and I suggested it to quite a few of my friends. I hope that somebody else can speak more specifically about the Vbeam laser treatment because I don't have enough information about it to feel confident in advising you, but if you wanted to have the sclerotherapy done I would say you should go for it.

My mom went in to have her spider veins addressed with this type of laser technology and I have to tell you she found the results very disappointing. She came back from the procedure with a lot of bruising and was in a considerable amount of pain but still had spider veins.

There might have been some very very slight fading but in general it wasn't worth the pain that she went through or the money that she spent on it. She decided to not go back and has actually asked for a refund and it is considering taking the plastic surgeon to court. Maybe there are others who can chime in who have had more positive experiences but I would give it a hard no and say it's not the right type of treatment.

Has anyone else had any success with this treatment? I'm hoping to hear some positives about it because it would be great if the experience that my mom had is not a normal one.

VBeam is a brand of pulsed-dye laser (PDL) and it's excellent for treating issues relating to the blood vessels of the body. It uses dye to generate colors of laser beams that are delivered with different pulses. The Yellow light is made to get the blood vessels to be reabsorbed into the body. During this time, the spider veins that have collapsed will be reabsorbed into your body which is a natural process. Vbeam is a really great laser option if you are going to need larger areas of spider veins attended to. It works on all skin types and colors and can treat vascular abnormalities on infants. When the treatment is being performed, you and the doctor will both have protective goggles on. A cooling device also sprays a cold mist across the skin which helps ease some of the pain.