I have spider veins everywhere. What can I do to fade them?

I'm not sure I can laser my entire body and I also can't afford it. Do I have any cheaper options?


F, 45, Delaware

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I know that there are some recommendations about exercise, compression socks, not crossing your legs, and keeping your feet up every time that you sit down. I followed every single one of those suggestions religiously for years and I still found that I kept getting spider veins. I was getting them on my arms and on my legs and I was embarrassed all the time. Eventually, I broke down and ended up having a procedure done where they basically killed off the spider veins and had my blood routed elsewhere.

I think I'm just stuck getting them though because it's been a little over two years since I had that procedure and I'm starting to have a bunch of spider veins again. You probably won't be able to stop them and you probably are just genetically stuck with what you have. Sorry.

Honestly, I'm pretty sure that there is no way for you to fade your spider veins. I'm sure that there are some places and some people that are more than willing to tell you that their strategy is going to give you the most flawless skin ever; however, I know from experience that a lot of those don't actually work and that they're just designed to milk as much money as possible from you.

If you are really struggling with the appearance of your spider veins I would suggest that you invest in a cover-up that is intended to be used on tattoos. Those will give you the best coverage for the longest period of time while you are out and about during your day. I know it's really frustrating to have what one would consider a blemish on the skin but you might be stuck with these.

Take some time to try to embrace them instead of absolutely hating them. I'm sure that you have received that advice a bunch in your life but it is important to love yourself and all the different aspects of you. Good luck with all this!

There are a lot of different ways to try to fade your spider veins. There are all natural ways, such as applying apple cider vinegar to the veins to promote better circulation. There are also active ways to help prevent them, like exercise and keeping your legs elevated as much as possible. There are things that you can buy to help prevent spider veins, like compression stockings and massage treatments for relaxation that get the circulation going in your legs. Any exercises involving your legs is really great for spider vein prevention. Antioxidants are also a really great way to prevent spider veins because they help maintain a strong and healthy circulatory system, which encompasses your veins.