My spider veins are getting worse. What can I do?

I'm moving around regularly and I stretch my legs as often as I can. I don't know what else to do to prevent broken capillaries from appearing on my inner thighs. I even stopped wearing high heels a year ago.


F, 36, Texas

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There are a lot of different ways to keep your spider veins from getting worse. One of these ways is to make sure that you wear sunscreen every day! You should also try to exercise as regularly as possible, that way your blood circulation will strengthen the veins in your body to prevent the spider veins from forming. It’s also important to control your weight, because if your body has too much weight on its frame, it’ll cause spider veins to appear from the stress of carrying the extra load. Don’t sit or stand for a long period of time without changing your position at least once. If you eat a low-salt diet that will help with spider veins too. Fiber is another great way to go for preventing spider veins.

I think that if you have been following all of the recommendations that doctors suggest, then you might be stuck with them. I know that spider veins don't have a specific cause and they can be genetic so you might be one of the unlucky ones.

I had a good friend who eventually learned to embrace them and ended up getting a ton of tattoos but I understand if that's not something that you want to go through. There is also a surgery that you can have done that I'm not sure if you're interested in going that far to have them removed. Sorry that I can't be more positive about the possibility of your spider veins not getting any worse.

Spider veins can be so frustrating. I started getting them while I was pregnant with my eldest and they didn't go away after I had my baby. I was so frustrated and I've been trying to manage them ever since. My doctor told me that my hormones while pregnant were a huge contributing factor but he also believes that the circulation in my legs was a general problem.

He prescribed compression socks and encouraged me to wear them for a few hours every day to help reduce the possibility of getting more spider veins. The socks themselves are a little uncomfortable because they are so form fitting and they are definitely unattractive, but it has helped me a lot. He also put me on an exercise regimen that not only helped me get my pre-baby body back but it has greatly lessened the number of new spider veins that I get.

I hope that these tips help you and that you get fewer spider veins.