What liquid is injected during spider vein treatment?

I saw a video of a doctor injecting medicine into a woman's leg and the veins completely disappeared on the spot. What's in those injections and where could I get some?


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An easy treatment for spider veins is a liquid injection. At first, I thought that this was just a saline solution that would help with collapsing the veins. Instead, it's a chemical agent that is injected. Once it enters the vein, it begins to damage the walls. When the walls of the vein are damaged, then the vein begins to collapse. I got this done, and the injection isn't unbearable. I had good results after a few days, but I had to wait for a few weeks to see the full final results.

I had sclerotherapy to treat some varicose and spider veins behind my knees. The doctor injected a solution into the veins. My spider veins disappeared immediately, and the varicose veins began to shrink too and they eventually disappeared. I had numerous veins that need to be treated, so my specialist divided the sclerotherapy treatments into multiple visits.

I was afraid of needles and was especially afraid to have it inserted into the tender and sensitive varicose veins on my legs, but sclerotherapy uses very fine injections with a thin needle and I didn't experience any pain. I'm thrilled with the results and love wearing shorts to the beach now.

I saw those videos too! I had some really visible veins on my legs, and so I saw a vein specialist. The injections are sclerotherapy and can be used to treat spider veins and varicose veins. Other treatments may be recommended if sclerotherapy isn't right for you. My veins didn't disappear immediately, but they disappeared gradually over the next few days. I was always trying to wear those body shaping garments, and I didn't realize they were putting a lot of pressure on my veins. Now, I can wear body shaping garments because those veins are no longer active and bothersome. I wish you the best of luck.

The injection you saw on the video was probably a salt solution. I had this procedure done recently at my dermatologist’s office, and it worked really well. The solution makes the spider vein collapse and then turn into scar tissue. I still have some scar tissue, but the doctor says that will go away eventually. It looks a lot better than the ugly spider veins that I had before. You should talk to a doctor to see if you are able to get this procedure done. There are some people who can’t get it done because they are pregnant or have serious health problems. It wasn’t the most comfortable feeling to get the injections, but it was so worth it.