What risks are at play with spider vein treatment?

Can I get an infection from a spider vein treatment? I'd like to know what potential complications can result from sclerotherapy or any other treatment that I might get for treating the spider veins on my thighs. Thank you for your help in advance!


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I've planned on having my spider veins treated for a really long time but the side effects made me change my mind. I know that there's risk involved with any sort of procedure and you really have to weigh the risks and benefits. I was just really concerned with the fact that I could get a blood clot or air bubble in my bloodstream.

I decided at the end of the day that my spider veins weren't enough of annoyance to go through the worry about side effects. I know that the smaller side effects are things like some bruising, sores, and raised red areas. If that was it, I would have given it a go. Maybe you feel differently about the procedure than I do though.

Having a sclerotherapy done on your spider veins can definitely lessen or completely remove the visibility of your spider veins. The process itself uses a solution to make your veins scar which then forces the blood to reroute through better veins in your body. I'm not really sure what is in the solution but I have heard amazing stories about how well this procedure works for those who are suffering from spider veins.

My best friend did this procedure and she found that her spider veins actually faded completely within 4 weeks. She was incredibly happy with the results but she did have quite a bit of a burning sensation, general swelling, and overall aches and pains in her legs. She was warned about the side effects from her doctor but she thought that they wouldn't be nearly that bad.

She had to sit on ice packs for almost a week to help to lessen the swelling in the pain. So for her, it was worth it but if you can't take the time to focus on yourself afterward you might want to skip it.

With any type of surgery or treatment, there is always a risk of something happening. With spider veins, you could potentially experience swelling and bruising after the treatment. You might also have some scarring. There’s also always the possibility of some sort of infection developing as well so it’s important to follow your doctor’s instructions after the treatment. You may also experience other issues like hyper-pigmentation and even ulceration. Might feel sore at the treatment sport afterward as well.

In rare cases, the treatment site can become inflamed. This would cause swelling, warmth and discomfort around the treatment area. Blood clots might form as well, which is potentially an emergency situation if the clot travels from your leg to your lungs or your heart. If you have a hard time breathing, chest pains, dizzy spells, or if you start coughing up blood, you need to get the hospital ASAP. You can have air bubbles in your bloodstream. Sometimes there are no symptoms of this, but sometimes you may have trouble seeing, headaches, fainting and nausea. You may want to get to your doctor if you experience these symptoms. There’s also the chance that you could have an allergic reaction to the treatment solution that is in the injection. This case is extremely rare, but still totally possible.