What should I expect during spider vein treatment recovery?

What is the spider vein treatment aftercare? Can I resume my everyday activities right after my spider vein treatment? I'd like to know if I can drive myself home from the clinic the day of the procedure. Am I going to be bruised for a long time? I really like wearing shorts when I can, but I don't want to wear them if my legs will be black and blue. I'd really appreciate hearing your experience.


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My spider vein treatment and aftercare went smoothly. My boyfriend drove me home from the procedure, and I experienced some mild bruising. A compression patch must be worn over the area after the treatment. After one week, the bruising looked slightly more apparent than the spider veins had. I was able to return to my normal activities immediately, but my doctor did recommend that I avoid strenuous exercise for a couple weeks. It's also recommended that you avoid sun exposure to the treated areas because it could lead to dark spots. I experienced great results within a couple of weeks following treatement. The compression bandages are needed to help make the treated veins collapse completely. I highly recommend sclerotherapy because the treatment was pain-free, my recovery went smoothly, and the results are amazing!

I wouldn’t advise driving yourself home after the procedure. I had it done and you will want to let your body relax and recover from the injections. My doctor made sure that I had someone picking me up. You have to wear a compression stocking for a couple weeks afterward, so I’m not sure about wearing shorts. It depends on how you feel about showing off that compression stocking. I was able to go back to work soon after the injections, but you have to make sure that you get up and walk around often. You also have to stay out of the sun because you may get pigmentation issues around the injection site. Don’t expect to get back to a normal life right away, give yourself a chance to heal.

You usually don't need any kind of referral for spider vein treatment since your doctor can often clearly see the veins. When you go to the office, the area is usually numbed before the solution is injected. My doctor told me what he was doing at each step in the process so that I would know what to expect. After the injection is made, it begins to collapse the vein. An ultrasound was done before my procedure so that the doctor could clearly see the area that needs to be treated instead of working in a blind manner. My procedure took about 45 minutes to complete, which is normal for most people.