What side effects do spider vein treatment have?

I know there's probably a few temporary issues, but I'm more interested in the long term side effects of spider vein treatments.


F, 44, New Jersey

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There are very few side effects to spider vein treatment. One of the side effects that I noticed when I got home was bruising in the area where the procedure was performed. I also noticed a slight pinching feeling, but it went away after a few days. There was also a minimal swelling in the area around where the veins were treated. I didn't have a fever, but the area around the spider veins was a little warm when I got home. Expect skin discoloration as well, especially for about a week after leaving the office.

I had sclerotherapy done, and I never had a problem during or after the treatment. My results were very positive, and the collapsed veins were reabsorbed into my system. The veins faded away in just a few weeks. There are always risks with everything you do, but you would need to review that with the doctor. My doctor did warn me that some temporary side effects could be experienced, such as bruising or dark spots. I also know that you could have an allergic reaction, and the doctor will need to look at your medical history and medication. I recommend that you see a vein specialist and ask if the therapy is right for you.

I had injections done to remove my spider veins and didn’t have any long-term side effects, but the doctor advised me about them before I had the procedure done. Sounds like you already know about the short-term side effects, but the long-term side effects can be serious. In some cases, a person may get a blood clot or air bubble in their bloodstream. Those are two health issues that need to be addressed right away. The other side effects are inflammation and allergic reactions, which should both be treated by the doctor. Anytime that I get a procedure done I’m nervous about what might happen afterward, but I was completely fine. I guess it depends on how badly you want your spider veins removed.