When is a spider vein treatment covered by insurance?

I understand that spider veins treatment needs to be a medical necessity for it to be covered by insurance, but I don't know if my situation will be seen as one. I have chronic venous insufficiency, a condition that is causing blood to pool in my legs. Do you think this is reason enough for the insurance company to cover my spider vein treatment?


F, 36, Texas

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This is a little hard to answer because there’s no set in stone answer. I’ll say that there are certain situations that your insurance will cover spider veins, especially if they are stemming from a chronic venous insufficiency. Most insurance companies are probably going to view spider veins as a cosmetic issue. But actually, if spider veins are not treated, they can potentially lead to a dangerous situation in the long run. If you were to say that you have proof that you have a medical disability that is relevant to the treatment of the spider veins, you would probably be able to get the insurance to cover it then, but there would be a lot of paperwork involved.

I don't think that you will be able to have your spider veins covered by your insurance. While the condition that is causing your spider veins definitely needs to be immediately addressed and treated the results of the condition probably won't be covered.

Unfortunately, I could easily see the insurance company saying that fading your spider veins is considered to be more of a cosmetic issue than a medical necessity. You may have more luck if you reach out to a plastic surgeon and see if there's any way that way that they somehow received an insurance payment for this particular treatment. There are low chances that you will be able to find a surgeon that successfully submitted this type of claim and actually got paid.

I cannot think of a situation where insurance would cover your spider veins. I understand that you have a condition that is causing the blood to pool in your legs but unless that would be stopped by having spider veins removed there's no justification. I hope that you can find a way that your insurance can cover it if it's medically necessary.