Why did I get small spider veins on my ears?

I noticed some spider veins on my ear cartilage recently and I was wondering how I ended with them. My husband also has purple veins on his ears, so it's probably something common. How do people get them?


F, 37, New Jersey

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I have never heard of anyone getting spider veins on their ears before... I've known people that have had them on their leg and some people who had some on their arms but not once have I seen them on ears.

I did some research into it and it seems like it might not be spider veins and it might be something else completely. Granted, I could be wrong but you might want to go to the doctor just to double check that everything is okay with like your blood pressure and all of that. Sorry if that's concerning I just have really never heard of it.

It isn’t unusual to get spider veins on your ears, it's just far less common than the ones that you see on legs. There's nothing besides hormonal changes, sun exposure, or issues with your circulation that cause spider veins so I'm pretty sure that the same applies to ones on your ears.

I don't think there's any specific difference between the ones on your legs and the ones that you would have on your ears so I think you just had odd luck of the draw. Personally, I would prefer that my spider veins be on my ears instead of behind my knees because I feel like it would be much easier to hide and people wouldn't notice as much.

When did it show up on your ears? Do you have spider veins on other parts of your body?

You can get spider veins in many different places on your body – even your ears! This condition is called telangiectasia. The spider veins caused by this are in spots that are easily visible like lips, nose, fingers, and ears. These spider veins can cause pain and discomfort and some people may even say that they are unattractive. Removing them is easily done by causing damage to the vessel and forcing it to collapse. This drastically reduces the redness from the veins. Most of the veins are totally benign as well, so no need to worry about anything being wrong wit you!