Will my teenager inherit my spider veins?

My eldest daughter has spider veins but she's only 17. Is this normal? Did she inherit them from me? I think that she's much too young to deal with this sort of problem at her age. I got mine in my late 20's.


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From what I understand spider veins can be hereditary, but they can also be related to other things like exercise, diet, and health issues. I have terrible spider veins, but my mom and teenage daughter seem to be fine. I have issues with my weight and I smoke, which the doctor says might contribute to my spider veins. There are some things that your daughter can do to stop getting more spider veins like not wearing pants or leggings that are tight around the bottom of her legs. Also, if she is into jogging or running she may be overdoing it with the exercising. You may want her to see a doctor just in case of any issues that she doesn’t know about.

Spider veins and varicose veins run in my family, and I started developing spider veins in my teens. It is a hereditary problem that can be stimulated by hormonal changes. You could bring her to a vein specialist and have the veins treated. I had sclerotherapy. This is a therapy that involves an injection into the problematic areas. The veins just collapse under the skin and disappear. You don't need the veins anyway and there's no reason to put up with them, so I had them removed. I'm not sure if you have to wait until your 18 to have the therapy done, but I would ask a vein specialist. I definitely feel better and have a better self-image since having purple patches of spider veins removed.

There's no clear indication that spider veins are inherited, but my mother had them and so did my grandmother. However, my son is just as active as I am at times and doesn't have them. My daughter has clear skin as well. Fortunately, if you know that you are prone to spider veins, then you can talk to your teen about them and offer a few suggestions to try to avoid them in the future. Try to get your teen to use lotion and stretch before exercising. If there are several people in your family who have spider veins, then you might want to consider looking into a doctor who can explain the benefits of prevention before they develop.