How do you get rid of old stretch marks?

My wife gave birth to our first child last year through a cesarean section and while I know this makes me sound like a total creep, I also want to be honest and state that her stretch marks totally turn me off. I can't help it, they really gross me out. She has al these big purple lines around her belly, that are very unattractive to me. She doesn’t seem to care as much about it as I do but to me it's very important that she find a way to lose these stretch marks for good. Is there anything a plastic surgeon can do to help us? How do you get rid of these things?


M, 32, California

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Have you tried talking to your wife about her stretch marks? I went through something similar when my wife had our son. She had always been in excellent physical condition and she took pride in her appearance. After she gave birth, she had a difficult time losing the baby weight and she had several large purple stretch marks on her belly. At first, I thought it was a turnoff. I eventually told her how I felt about her new look and she was, obviously, not pleased with me. Once I got it out into the open, we began to talk about it more and she agreed that she would like to find a way to reduce the size and dark color of her stretch marks. She tried a few different creams, but none of them really helped reduce the pigmentation or the size. Finally, we went to a plastic surgeon and he recommended laser treatments. After three treatments, her stretch marks had shrunk and faded and my wife said she felt much more confident. Her stretch marks aren’t gone entirely, but I have learned to love her new body. I think the important thing is to make sure that she wants to change how they look; it is her body after all.

A plastic surgeon can help get rid of stretch marks permanently. Your wife can try some of the non-surgical options like prescription medicines and procedures a dermatologist can do, but they only help fade them and do not completely get rid of them. Stretch marks are caused by broken fibers under your skin, and there isn't any cream, lotion or medicine that can repair them, but surgical options can completely get rid of them. If the stretch marks are mostly on the belly, a tummy tuck can help get rid of them. A tummy tuck also can help women and men who have other scars or stretch marks too, like C-section scars or stretch marks from gaining weight.

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