stretchmark removal

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I'm wondering if a tummy tuck would remove the stretch marks I have endured 20+ years ago during my pregnancies. I'm 5'1" 124lbs, but should be in the 115 range. I have become obsessed with the gym, but for some reason cannot tighten up my stomach muscles at all, there is extra skin that just stays loose no matter what I do. I have heard it very painful for a tummy tuck, but I was wondering even if I considered it, would it even remove the stretch marks that are currently there as well. Also what is the price range for this procedure?


F, 50, New Jersey

I think going with natural and effective ways to reduce stretch marks are always better than surgeries. I have started doing massage with bio oil and adopted a healthy lifestyle which really helped me in fading stretch marks appearance.

Cynthia - does Bio Oil work as well as they claim? I read about it in this article. Do you put it on at certain times (e.g. before bed?) or all of the time? I have some stretch marks and I'm desperate to get rid of them. Thanks! 

I had a tummy tuck and it helped with many of my stretch marks, but I was still left with some. I also now have a scar to go along with my stretch marks but I can easily hide it behind my underwear/pants. On the bright side, my stomach looks so much better. I feel toned again!