Can you remove a sun spot from your skin?

I am starting to notice sun spots on different parts of my body. What would be a recommendation to either remove these liver spots from my body, or at least lighten them so the color of my skin looks less blotchy?


F, 59, Nevada

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I have very fair skin so I should have been applying sunscreen more diligently my entire life, however as a young adult I was a little less obsessive. Now I am very worried about the possibility of skin cancer, but also am trying to prevent more age spots from coming up. I read online about some home remedies that can be used to treat brown spots such as applying lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. I tried both of these with absolutely no success so I decided to see a dermatologist and inquire about removal of my sunspots. They started me off with some chemical peels which will hopefully get rid of some of the hyperpigmentation on my face. We started with a light peel and are going to try a medium peel soon. I heard medium peels are more intense, causing lots of redness and dry skin but they are supposedly a lot more helpful to even out skin tone.

When I started to form sunspots, I was apprehensive that they were permanent. However, my dermatologist assured me that this was not the case. Sunspots can easily be removed from all areas of the skin with painless procedures. For a case of mild sunspots, I was given a prescription cream that lightened the pigment of the skin. The doctor told me that there were other options if the cream was not effective, such as freezing, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels. However, after two months of using the prescription cream, I can say that the sunspots have significantly faded and no further treatment is necessary. She told me that if I continue to get sun exposure without protection the sun damage will cause skin problems again. Knowing this I am now very diligent with wearing hats and sunglasses and always making sure to wear sunscreen when I go outside. I am hoping that I will prevent new age spots from forming and providing healthy skin care for the rest of my life!

Sunspots can definitely be removed from the skin. There are different options for removing these pesky skin spots that make you so self-conscious. For my unsightly sundamaged skin, I opted for the method of using freezing, or cryotherapy for removal. The process was quite simple. The dark pigment in the sunspots was destroyed by a freezing agent that my dermatologist applied with a cotton swab. It took a few days to heal, but as it did, the spots looked diminished. I have had three treatments so far. Each time, my skin looks better as it heals. The entire process should take a few months, but after it is over, I am confident that my sunspots won't be visible anymore. There is no reason why anyone should live with these embarrassing brown spots when there are removal options available. It has done wonders for my self-esteem.

I thought it would be, but surgical removal of a sun spot is not necessary. When I turned 40, I started to notice sun spots showing up on my face and it really freaked me out. I didn't want it to start getting worse, and I had heard some pretty great things about laser treatments for sun spot removal. After just 3 sessions (and my spots were pretty dark), I couldn't even see them anymore. I'm 46 now and I've been better about keeping a strong SPF on my skin during the summer months, using a Vitamin C creme regularly, and so they haven't resurfaced. Take it from me, laser treatments for sun spot removal are definitely worth looking into!

I have noticed sun spots twice this year, and both of these times I used different treatment methods. The first time I used prescription creams which I call they low commitment sun spot removal because all I needed was to apply the cream twice in a day and wait for the spots to fade with time gradually. The cream worked for me because the spots were on easy to reach places which is my face, shoulders and cleavage area. The second time the sun sports were on my back so I couldn’t use the hydroquinone cream. Instead I opted for microdermabrasion which felt more like a spa treatment. During this spot removal treatment, my skin felt as if it was being exfoliated. Afterwards, the spots were no longer visible and the skin texture was smooth considering I also had dark spots from acne breakouts.