Do sun spot removal creams actually work?

As I have gotten older I have seen some discoloration on my cheeks. I believe they are sun spots caused mostly in my younger days when I thought sunscreen didn't apply to me because of my olive tone skin. Are there any creams that I could apply to diminish some of the spots on my cheeks?


F, 54, California

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When I first started noticing that I was getting sunspots, I wondered if sun spot remover creams actually worked. I was a little bit skeptical, as it seemed too good to be true. How could there be a magic cream that would fade these nasty liver spots? Even though I wasn't completely convinced, I decided to try a sunspot removal cream anyway. I went to my dermatologist, who prescribed a cream for me. After two months of continuous use, I can honestly say that the cream is helping tremendously with my skin discoloration. I no longer have to cake makeup on my face in order to make the sunspots less noticeable. I can't believe that I put off doing this for so long and that I was not sure it would actually work. Does it work? Absolutely, it does!

I am in my 50's and have had hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and sun spots my entire life. As I aged the spots got more noticeable, so I went into my dermatologist and came up with a plan to have some laser treatments done to try and even the skin tone a bit. Before my laser treatments, I would use a lot of make up to try and mask the spots on my face. The laser treatments have been working well and the doctor also gave me a recommendation on some home remedies I could try such as over the counter spot corrector creams. It's important to look for creams with certain active ingredients such as kojic acid and hydroquinone. She said we can try this and maybe eventually move to prescription creams if I stop doing my laser treatments.

I can say with confidence that sunspot removal creams do work. I used a prescription cream that I applied once in the morning and once at night. For my morning application, I applied a light layer of cream over my sunscreen. After about 3 months, the hyperpigmentation on my back and hands had significantly faded. The fade cream contains a lightening agent which targets the brown spots. I can honestly say that after these past 3 months, my skin is literally glowing and looks so healthy. Over the counter dark spot correctors are available at drugstores, but I recommend seeing your dermatologist and get a prescription if the hyperpigmentation is severe. After 6 months of use with the prescription cream, I am going to switch to an over the counter spot corrector to maintain my results and keep new spots from forming.