What are my options for sun spot removal?

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I've noticed some sun spots on my arms. I work outside as a landscaper and am constantly exposed to the sun. What are my options to get these sun spots removed from my arms?


F, 45, California

I've lived in Hawaii my entire life. Needless to say, I've had a love affair with the sun my entire life. Unfortunately, spending a lot of time outside when I was younger, and not using sun protection, has its consequences (obviously the scariest one is skin cancer). I'm now 54 and have sun spots. I am very self-conscious about how my sun spots look. The sun spots were unattractive and made me look older. After doing some research, I found out that there are a variety of methods that can reduce their appearance. There are several methods available. These cosmetic procedures include dermabrasion, medications, chemical peels, cryotherapy and pulsed light therapy. I decided to try dermabrasion and a cream that was recommended by my physician. I had microdermabrasion on my sunspots for three months. I used the cream for three months. The hyperpigmentation on my face is definitely fading.

I have spent my entire life living in the state of Florida which means a ton of sun exposure. Much of my recreational time was spent outdoors, and when I was in my twenties, I never used sun protection. I always made the dangerous mistake of thinking that I had to get sunburn first in order to get a good tan. As a result, I have age spots. After some extensive research, I discovered that my options for getting rid of them are prescription skin medications, cryotherapy, dermabrasion, chemical peels, pulsed light therapy and cryotherapy. I am starting off with the chemical peels and seeing how it goes from there. I've had two so far, and there is a reduction in the appearance of my sunspots. Chemical peels do cause redness to the skin (especially if you have fair skin) but it eventually fades along with your liver spots. It has been recommended that I combine dermabrasion with my chemical peels for even better results. So far, I am pleased with how my skin looks.

I grew up in the suburbs of New York so I would experience all 4 seasons. Every time winter was finally ending I knew my goal was to get outside and get some sun. As a younger kid in my 20's I didn't even think much about skin care. I cared more about my olive skin being tanned so I could feel more "desirable." Now that I have gotten a bit older I do notice a bunch of dark spots on my face. It is nothing terrible, but I knew I needed to look into some treatments for sun spot removal. I went to my dermatologist and decided to try some IPL Treatments to try and even my skin tone on my face. The good thing was that it would also help with fine lines and wrinkles. I am also considering going in for a chemical peel every few months to try and peel off my old damaged skin for new skin.

I live close to the ocean, and so you could definitely classify me as the typical beach bum! As I've gotten older though, I have started to notice some significant sun damage to my skin, including sun spots. Just last year, I started getting microdermabrasion treatments. Within a week's time and after 1 treatment, you may not believe it, but I could already see an improvement in my skin's tone and texture. The only downsides, I'd say, would be that it does cost a little more than the topical lotions I've tried in the past and your skin will likely be red and tender afterwards, but as a whole it's been working great for me.

I started noticing sun spots after spending a considerable amount of time on the beach. I wore sunscreen and a large hat religious during all the sunny days, but my chest, shoulders, and arms were still covered with sunspots. While prescription creams especially those with hydroquinone are affordable and helped the spots to fade, I exercised patience. The idea of using bleaching creams was also not appealing to me as high percentages of hydroquinone can cause cancer. To permanently remove the spots quickly I considered other effective treatment options like Microdermabrasion, non-ablative laser and intense pulsed light. But they require more than one treatment to remove all the blemishes. I couldn’t use chemical peels as I have sensitive skin while fraction CO2 lasers have longer recovery time. Cryosurgery was the best treatment option for me as it’s a one treatment method and had minimal discomfort.

Like many people, I thought that sunspots were something that I was just going to have to live with. I had them on my face, back and hands. After 3 months of dermabrasion on my face, the brown spots on my face have faded tremendously. I have been using a cream on my back and hands for 3 months as well, and the results are astonishing. It is almost as if the sunspots never existed in the first place. The cream was prescribed by my dermatologist. There are several options offered such as laser treatments or chemical peels so that patients have a choice as to what best works for them. I think it is important to talk to your dermatologist about what works best for your specific skin tone. I am very happy with my decision to pursue microdermabrasion for my sun-damaged skin. I will continue for another couple of months to perfect the results.