Cost of PicoWay Laser for removing a small tattoo?

How much would it cost to remove a small tattoo on one of my fingers? Is there a starting price, because the area is very small, less than an inch I think.


F, 27, California

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It’s hard for me to give an exact number about the cost involved in getting a tattoo removed with a PicoWay laser. Just like any other approach used for tattoo removal, it’s going to depend on the size of the tattoo and how many you have. But since it will be multiple sessions and the sessions themselves can cost hundreds of dollars or more, it’s not going to be inexpensive. In my case, I had 8 sessions costing about $400 a piece. On the other hand, this type of laser does require fewer sessions to the treatment area, which means I saved money over the alternative.

I had PicoWay take off a tattoo that was roughly around the size of a credit card. It ran me around $250 a treatment session. It took about five sessions to fully remove it, but boy did it work! I had a few of my friends get really close to my shoulder to look for it, but nobody could find a thing. PicoWay tattoo removal charges are dictated by the size and complexity of the skin art, but don’t forget to factor location into the cost. I was charged the $250 in the state of Florida; I imagine it would cost more in say, California.

It depends on what area of the country you’re in really. If you live in an urban area it could be more expensive for laser tattoo removal, but what I researched prices to have my tattoo removed it was around $75 to start. It depends on how many sessions you’d need too but PicoWay is a pretty intense laser, so I would suspect that it won’t take many visits before your tattoo is a hundred percent gone. It also could be hard removing a tattoo from your finger depending on where it is but it’s worth looking into the removal. Usually they give you a free consultation to ask questions and learn about different laser treatments. If you are hesitant I would at least go visit a board certified dermatologist and see whats right for you.

The price for getting a tattoo removed using a PicoWay laser is probably going to vary according to your doctor and the size of your tattoo. But what I found in my experience was that the cost of getting rid of my tattoos was less when I went to a doctor using a picosecond laser. Even though the individual sessions I had cost more than a traditional laser, the fact that I had fewer sessions meant in the long run I paid a lot less to get one of my tattoos removed using PicoWay. Fewer sessions also meant I experienced less discomfort and spent less time recovering from a laser session.